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Seth Rogen Says He Felt ‘Betrayed’ After Katherine Heigl’s Disparaging ‘Knocked Up’ Comments

The actor says he had great chemistry with Heigl and would've made dozens of films with her.

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Back in 2007, Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl starred in Judd Apatow’s hit comedy “Knocked Up.” The film was well received and became a modern comedy classic, but Heigl quickly seemed to have second thoughts about it. She revealed in a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair that she didn’t like the way she was portrayed in the film and how it “paints the women as shrews,” while the men look “lovable,” further adding that “it was hard for me to love the movie.”

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Rogen addressed the long-time feud and said that he was surprised by Heigl’s reaction, because he says their time on set was great and there were never any problems.

“I thought she hated us,” Seth told Stern. “We made a movie, I was very proud of it, it was critically very well received. Then we just heard that she didn’t like it and that it seemed that she didn’t have a good experience making it and that she didn’t feel as though the product was reflective of how she thought she should be portrayed.”

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Rogen recently stumbled upon “Knocked Up” on TV and thought they had great chemistry. He even added that he would have made “a dozen movies with her.”

“As I was watching it, I was like, ‘F***, we’re so funny together, me and Katherine,’” he stated. “I thought we had a great dynamic, people seemed to like it, we were funny together. I was having a really good time, and then when I heard afterwards that she didn’t like it, that she seemed to not like the process, and she did not like the end product either. I think when that happens — also your trust feels somewhat betrayed. We have a very open process. We’re like, ‘You have the ability to say anything at any moment. I don’t like how I’m coming across here.’”

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In the long run, he hopes that the criticism she faced didn’t damage her opportunities, since at that time it made headlines and categorized Heigl as “hard to work with.”

“I respect the fact that perhaps she realizes that it hurt her career, and I don’t want that to have happened to her at all,” he stated. “Because I’ve said a thousand stupid things and I really like her. A thing like that, especially if she’s being honest,  the only people who, in this situation, should in any way take anything from it is me and Judd [Apatow] because we are the ones she was talking about. For other people to not work with her because she didn’t like her experience with us is crazy.”

Heigl did go on to publicly apologize to both of them and talked to Stern about the comments back in April. While Rogen heard that interview, he said that he never got a personal call from her to clarify the remarks. “When I apologize to people, generally I don’t take a public forum to do it,” he said, adding that the fewer people know about it, the better.

Rogen is currently promoting his animated dark comedy “Sausage Party,” out this Friday, August 12.

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