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11 Halloween Costume Ideas, Courtesy of Signature Netflix TV Shows

From "BoJack Horseman" to "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," there's a lot of fun inspiration to be found, courtesy of the streaming giant.


The range of programming currently being hosted by Netflix is really impressive — from comedy to drama to unscripted — and that means a wide array of possible costume ideas as well.

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Following our list earlier this week, featuring costume ideas drawn from the independent film world, we’re proud to present some options for celebrating your favorite characters from the streaming world. (Most are relatively low-effort, too, just in case you’ve waited until the last minute.)

Bill Nye from “Bill Nye Saves the World”

Bill-Nye-4Costume Essentials: Blazer with a spiffy bow tie. Science in your veins.

Why It’s a Great Idea: Nye’s new series won’t premiere until Spring 2017, but celebrating science is always cool, as are bow ties. And so what if someone mistakes you for Eleven from “Doctor Who”? Two for one!

BoJack Horseman from “BoJack Horseman”BoJack Horseman - Dirty Sexy Monkey

Costume Essentials: Horse mask, brightly patterned sweater, blazer, flask.

Why It’s a Great Idea: Being BoJack is only one of the fantastic costume options from our favorite animated existential crisis comedy (for an even more low-fi option, consider donning Todd’s red beanie or Character Actress Margo Martindale’s Emmy). And BoJack himself might see and like your costume! Just tag it on Twitter appropriately.

Queen Elizabeth II from “The Crown”

"The Crown."

Costume Essentials: Simple 1950s dress, very fancy crown

Why It’s a Great Idea: Netflix’s upcoming royal drama’s focus is on the inner life of the young queen during her first decade on the throne, so what better way to exemplify it than by showcasing that sort of contrast in your look?

Shaolin Fantastic from “The Get Down”

"The Get Down"Costume Essentials: Red T-shirt, red flat cap, headphones

Why It’s a Great Idea: “The DJ that we call conductor” has more than one strong look in Baz Luhrman’s period musical, but this one’s probably the easiest to execute. If you get ambitious, try carrying around a boombox blasting the “Get Down” soundtrack. The beat deserves to be shared with all.

Wintertime Rory and Lorelei from “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"

Costume Essentials: Knit cap and scarf, stylish long coat, a to-go coffee cup velcro-ed to your glove, someone who looks like she could be your older or younger sister dressed similarly

Why It’s a Great Idea: The Gilmore girls’ bond is a special one, built on junk food and a hazy line between parental and bestie. If you’re lucky enough to have this already in your life, flaunt it! But for the rest of us schmucks, playing dress-up is the closest we’ll get to such #GilmoreGoals. Either way, you need an outlet for your rapid-fire, pop-culture-reference-laden banter (and you can stash non-coffee liquid librations in that cup).

Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”House of Cards Kevin Spacey Season 4

Costume Essentials: The suit is key here — as clean-cut and Presidential if you can, with the flag lapel pin as a bonus. But the real achievers will find the classic Frank Underwood cufflinks, with the eternal message of “F.U.”

Why It’s a Great Idea: This is really just a fun opportunity to whip out your worst, most over-the-top Southern accent. Feel free to turn towards an unseen audience at any moment and reveal your darkest desires and schemes.

Early Daredevil from “Marvel’s Daredevil”

DaredevilCostume Essentials: Black sweatsuit and a simple cloth black mask that ties around the back of your head.

Why It’s a Great Idea: Do you need more of a reason other than getting to wear comfy sweats? OK, fine. Black is slimming, you can pretend that since you’re blind, your other senses are heightened (“Someone is about to fart!”) and if you see your ex while you’re out, you can ignore them with impunity. Daredevil is the first of the Defenders, so companion costumes would be next level…

Jessica Jones from “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”

Krysten Ritter in "Marvel's Jessica Jones."

Costume Essentials: Leather jacket, scarf, jeans, boots, bourbon

Why It’s a Great Idea: Comfortable, practical and bad-ass, pretending to be Jessica Jones is probably a lot more fun than actually being Jessica Jones (given the PTSD and other trauma). Stomping around town in her persona might be the most liberating Halloween of your life.

Luke Cage from “Marvel’s Luke Cage”

"Marvel's Luke Cage"

Costume Essentials: A hole-y hoodie to demonstrate how bulletproof you are. It helps if you also have rippling muscles, a bald/shaved head and a killer smile.

Why It’s a Great Idea: You can exclaim, “Sweet Christmas!” every few minutes, which is conversational gold. And if you break anything (maybe bring your own props?) you can blame it on your super strength. Besides, isn’t it time to show that “heroes can wear hoodies too”?

Eleven from “Stranger ThingsStranger Things

Costume Essentials: Obvious fake blonde wig, pink thrift store dress, Eggo waffles. (If you want to really go for it, add a touch of a fake nosebleed.)

Why It’s a Great Idea: The summer’s breakout series will probably feature heavily in a lot of peoples’ costume plans, but Eleven is probably the easiest to pull off.

Titus Andromedon from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Costume Essentials: Two words: Fabulous kimono.

Why It’s a Great Idea: With the right robe and the right attitude, being Titus could be an awful lot of fun. Lots of good accessory ideas to be had here, too, from a Walkman for your tapes to some Peeno Noir.

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