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Hillary Clinton for President: 37 Filmmakers Reveal Why She’s the Best Choice

Meet some of the filmmakers who have bashed Donald Trump, endorsed Clinton, or both.

George Clooney, Dee Rees, Pedro Almodovar and Lake Bell


It came as no surprise in October that Michael Moore’s secret documentary “Michael Moore in Trumpland” was a pro-Hillary Clinton film urging Americans to vote for the democratic presidential nominee on November 8. Moore has been one of the most vocal and politically active filmmakers of his generation, if not the most active, and he felt that too much of the election conversation was dominated by negativity.

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“I just thought, I’m going to do something here and give people positive reasons to think about voting for her,” Moore said at the film’s premiere in New York on October 18. “What the country doesn’t need is to be told that Trump is crazy, dangerous, a psychopath and sociopath. He has written and produced that movie, and it appears daily.”

While most filmmakers keep their political views much more private than Moore — Steven Spielberg hasn’t been a vocal Clinton supporter but reportedly donated $1 million to her campaign — many have voiced their support for Clinton in a variety of public forums. Here are some of the other filmmakers who have publicly bashed Trump, endorsed Clinton, or both.

Judd Apatow

Apatow tweeted in September that he is voting for Clinton, and in a recent email to IndieWire, he called Trump “the worst America has to offer,” adding that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  Here’s the rest of his statement:

“I don’t think he has any interest in helping people.  He is just a bored rich man who has a lust for power.  He has never shown any interest in charity or sacrificing for others during his entire life.  I don’t believe he has suddenly woken up and decided he has concerns for our working class.  He is a racist, narcissistic criminal who has always been willing to take every penny he can squeeze out of people, from Trump University to casinos to taking advantage of bankrupt people during the subprime mortgage meltdown.  I hope he is soundly defeated.”

Pedro Almodóvar 

At the New York Film Festival press conference for his 20th film, “Julieta,” the writer-director was asked his thoughts on Clinton, as almost all of his movies revolve around strong women. “I’m very surprised, because 10 or 15 years ago I couldn’t think that in a moment like this I could be praying for Hillary to be the President of the United States,” Almodóvar said, adding that he sees Clinton as a “strong” woman that could be a character in one of his films. “This is the first ‘Almodóvar girl’ I could imagine possibly [being President]. We are very concerned in Spain about these elections.”

George Clooney

Before hosting a fundraiser for Clinton in April, Clooney declared his support for the former Secretary of State in an email in to her supporters, saying that Clinton was the only candidate “who knows firsthand the complexity of our international relationships.” Clooney later predicted a Trump loss at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival press conference for “Money Monster” after being asked if he though the film might be a cautionary tale of things to come under a President Trump. “There’s not gonna be a president Donald Trump,” he said. “Fear is not going to be something that drives our country. We’re not going to be scared of Muslims or immigrants or women.”

David Lowery

“I’m voting for Hillary because I agree with her on many things – but that’s generally going to be the case with any Democratic candidate,” the “Ain’t Those Bodies Saints” and “Pete’s Dragon” director wrote to IndieWire in an email. “The reason I’m excited to vote for her is because I’m really tired of dudes and their dudely ways. High time for a chromosome shakeup!”

Quentin Tarantino

The “Hateful Eight” writer-director told the AP: “When you sit there and listen to Hillary Clinton on something like Charlie Rose and hear her talking in depth about the issues to such a degree it’s like, whoah, that’s who I want for my president.”

Louis C.K.

“It’s not a lesser of two evils,” the comedian and filmmaker recently told Conan O’Brian. “I think she’s really talented, super smart, and I would take her over anybody.”

Ben Affleck

The actor-producer-director donated to Clinton’s primary campaign and recently told the Evening Standard he couldn’t see Trump ever becoming President.

Elizabeth Banks

In October, Banks joined Clinton at an event in Pennsylvania to talk about affordable child care, paid family leave, and how she’ll help kids and families.

Michael Showalter

The “Hello My Name Is Doris” writer-director showed his support for Clinton in March.

Catherine Hardwicke

Also in March, Hardwicke floated the idea of Clinton running with Michelle Obama as a “dream ticket.”

Bobcat Goldthwait

“It’s not the lesser of two evils,” Goldthwait said about voting for Clinton during an interview with IndieWire Thursday. “It’s competent versus fascist.”

Lena Dunham

The “Girls” creator has been a vocal supporter of Clinton’s since last year, when she posted an Instagram with the caption “This is Hillary reading a text from me that says ‘with you every step of the way, gurl’ #mypresident”

J.J. Abrams

“I will say we are supporting Hillary,” Abrams told The Daily Beast in February. “We believe in her as the strongest candidate. She does have the experience and the politics. She is compassionate, and right. When I look at the people who need the support that aren’t necessarily getting it, I believe that she would provide that.”

Amy Seimetz

“I wish a saintly figure would come down and bless the USA with the means to both be economically prosperous and not such an asshole to the rest of the world,” Seimetz told IndieWire in an email. “Until then…I vote for the first female president. I vote against a racist narcissist. I vote against ostracizing my friends who are Muslim, black, gay, Mexican, poor, or women. I vote against being a joke to the world.”

Matt Damon

The actor and producer told Town & Country he supports Hillary Clinton for many reasons, one of which has to do with her concern about water and sanitation. “She understands it from a number of different angles – as a national security issue, as a human rights issue, and, obviously, its impact on women and girls.”

Ron Howard

Just this week, Howard brought attention to Trump’s pending sexual assault case.

Sophia Takal

Asked whether she was voting for Clinton, the “Always Shine” director wrote to IndieWire in an email, “What the fuck else are we supposed to do?”

Joss Whedon

The “Avengers” director wrangled a long list of celebrities for the below advertisement urging people to vote for Clinton.

Sean Penn

Speaking at the RSA computer security conference in March, Penn called Bernie Sanders “an exceptional American” before saying “I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton.” He added that too many Americans aren’t keeping the country’s best interests in mind when they vote.

Ava DuVernay

“I think if more people know about all the facts and all of the moving pieces you start to get jarred out of any complacency that one might have about Clinton, because the alternatives are dire,” DuVernay told BET. “Clinton is a viable option and lively alternative that we have to embrace as forward-thinking people.”

Tom Hanks

The actor-producer recently told the BBC he thinks Clinton is “wildly, wildly qualified to be the President of the United States.”

Adam McKay

“I’m fucking terrified,” McKay, told Yahoo Movies. “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine. I know that sounds dramatic but I think it’s a safe bet. I’m hoping silent sane Americans rise up to stamp down this ugliness. At the end of the day I still believe humans are getting better and smarter and that Trump is a burp from a bygone era.”

Dax Shepard

“I have a strong mother, and an even stronger wife,” Shepard wrote in an email to IndieWire. “I’m enamored with competent, industrious women, and think the planet in general could benefit from more female input. I think Hillary is, perhaps, the most qualified person ever to run for office, and the fact that she is female is icing on the cake.”

Rose McGowan

The actress and activist wrote in BUST magazine in October that “there is no one more qualified” than Clinton. “The values, ethics, and bravery she’s shown in the face of true hatred is nothing less than astonishing. Her power to rise above the misogynists is stuff of legend, as well it should be.”

James Franco

Franco recently starred in a 30-second video called “The Most Interesting Woman in the World,” in which he donned a towel with Hillary’s campaign logo on it.

Gregg Araki

“After eight great years of our first black president, I am so ready for our first woman president,” Araki wrote in an email to IndieWire. “Hillary is smart, capable, made from steel and, like Obama, wants her legacy, so you know she’s not going to f*ck up – she doesn’t want to be the first female president and go down in history as a failure. Anyone who cares about  women’s rights, racism, LGBT people, common human decency and the fate of planet earth – it is your responsibility to make the time, get off your ass and vote!”

Robert De Niro

“I think that she’s paid her dues,” De Niro told The Daily Beast in 2015. “There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point. It’s that simple. And she’s a woman, which is very important because her take on things may be what we need right now.”

Dee Rees

The “Pariah” director sent word to IndieWire from her agent that she will be taking a bus with MoveOn organizers to canvass in Philadelphia for Clinton on Sunday, trying to let her actions shine “on the ground” versus in the press. For Rees, this is about “protecting Obama’s work and keeping a bigot out of the office.”

Zoe Kazan

The actor-writer-producer wrote an op-ed for Mic.com Friday calling Clinton “the most qualified person to be president of the United States.” Kazan added that with Clinton’s “A-student personality, her attention to detail and desire to create actionable plans, she will make an excellent commander-in-chief.”

Richard Kelly

The “Donnie Darko” writer-director tweeted his support for Clinton on the final day of the democratic convention in July.

Lake Bell

The “In a World…” writer-director has repeatedly expressed her support for Clinton on Twitter, including by retweeting the below tweet last month.

Joel Potrykus

On Wednesday, the director of “The Alchemist Cookbook” wrote in an email to IndieWire: “True story. Just today, in a Grand Valley State University bathroom, I had the pleasure of chit-chatting with Donald Trump, Jr. about teaching screenwriting, the college, normal guy stuff. Then I got to shake his hand, look him in the eye, smile, and say so stone-cold, ‘I think you suck, man.’ Stare down. ‘Animals think you suck, too.’ I walked right out on that punk ass.”

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar-winning actor and executive producer of the climate change documentary “Before the Flood” was offered to host a fundraiser for Clinton at his home in Los Angeles before having to move the event to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s home due to a scheduling conflict.

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Clay Liford

“Outside of the fact that we have a pet hedgehog named Quillary Clinton, I’m with her because she actually has experience in politics,” the “Slash” director and “Gayby” director of photography wrote to IndieWire in an email. “As an artist who works with a diverse set of collaborators, I’d be a hypocrite if I voted for a man who actively stands against everything my friends and I stand for. Equality, LGBT rights, you name it. Trump represents a monumental tide-shift when it comes to giving a vetted platform to bigoted voices. We can’t allow this. We really can’t. It’s Pandora’s Box, if Pandora was a racist homophobe who liked to grope women.”

Paul Schrader

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because I believe we should not give up on the American experiment of democracy–flawed as it is,” Schrader wrote to IndieWire in an email.

Additional reporting by Eric Kohn.

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