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St. Patrick’s Day: 7 TV Episodes on Netflix That Are Even Better Than a Pot of Gold

From "30 Rock" to "Always Sunny," here are some hilarious episodes that'll get you in the St. Patty's day mood.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”


With so much hype surrounding shows’ Christmas and Halloween specials, it’s easy to forget that there have been some great St. Patrick’s Day episodes in the TV world. So here are a lucky seven episodes that’ll get you excited to celebrate the holiday! Or make you want to stay at home and chill, since all are available to stream on Netflix.

30 Rock

Like a double rainbow, “30 Rock” gave its fans not one, but two reasons to get excited, as it aired two St. Patrick’s Day episodes in 2009 and 2012. However, the 2009 episode, “The Funcooker,” is the standout. Written by Tom Ceraulo and Donald Glover, the episode sees Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) attend jury duty, in which the woman on trial hilariously reflects Liz’s own work problems. She must also juggle problems that arise when her show’s stars (Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski) pass out and curse while hosting the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which are obviously two of the most common behaviors   on St. Paddy’s Day.

This particular episode also garnered some awards buzz for the show. Tracy Morgan was up for an Emmy for his performance in the episode, while the Ken Whittingham received the NAACP Image Award for directing the episode.

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The Office

The Office” always had a knack for delivering great holiday episodes, and their St. Patrick’s Day special is no exception. The episode, simply named “St. Patrick’s Day” revolves around Michael’s (Steve Carell) growing friction with new boss Jo (Kathy Bates), to the point where she makes the entire office stay in late on St. Patrick’s Day. Bates proves she still has a little evil left in her after “Misery.”

The Season 6 episode also has some great subplots. Erin and Andy have plans to go on their first date, but Erin gets sick and is sent home, so Andy fakes his own illness so he can leave the office as well. Also, and possibly most importantly, Dwight unveils “Megadesk” to the world.


Four-leaf clovers are sure to make your St. Patrick’s Day a special one, but nothing beats Fry’s seven-leaf clover from “Futurama.” The Season 3 episode “The Luck of the Fryrish” utilizes this symbol of Irish awesomeness as a MacGuffin for Fry, as he is looking for a bit of luck, but finds that it is missing from where he hid it back in the ’80s. This pushes Fry on a quest to find his missing lucky trinket, to the point where he discovers it is buried with his dead brother, who used the clover to achieve greatness in his own lifetime.

This episode is “Futurama” at its best, as shown by the Annie Award that Ron Weiner won for his writing on the episode. The episode is layered with humor and emotional depth, making it a must-watch for the holiday.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some leprechauns? Well, apparently Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) wanted to know, in the Season 11 “Always Sunny” episode, “Charlie Catches a Leprechaun.” After realizing that there’s a little green thief in their midst, Charlie and Mac (Rob McElhenney) make it their duty to catch the culprit.

The episode features a hilarious parody of Michael Madsen’s infamous ear-cutting scene from “Reservoir Dogs” once Charlie actually captures the “leprechaun” and attempts to torture him. If nothing else, this episode serves as a warning that no matter what you’re drinking tonight: make sure it’s not paint.

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It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day with one of the most famed bar shows of all time, “Cheers.” The show celebrated the holiday in its 11th and final season with “Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey.” Although “Cheers” had a previous “Bar Wars” St. Paddy’s Day episode, it certainly delivered with this final installment of the Cheers vs. Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern bar feud.

The episode centers on Sam (Ted Danson) losing a bet to the owner of the Olde Towne Tavern, Gary (Robert Desiderio), a situation many participants in the drunken festivities of the holiday can relate to. It’s a great way to end the show’s longstanding “Bar Wars,” as well as one of the best episodes the final season has to offer.

“How I Met Your Mother”

Some of the best “How I Met Your Mother” episodes (and there are many) often establish subtle hints as to how Ted will eventually meet the mother. Perhaps one of the biggest steps forward in this department is the Season 3 episode, “No Tomorrow,” where Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) convinces Ted (Josh Radnor) that the best way to celebrate the alcohol-fueled holiday is to act as if there will be “no tomorrow,” especially after the pair find themselves on a streak of luck, such as the club they attempt to enter having a “shortage of dudes,” something Barney notes hasn’t happened since the “Great Dude Shortage of 1883.”

At first reluctant, Ted soon gives in to this mentality as he and Barney spend the night making a horrible decision that they think won’t have any repercussions. Obviously, Ted learns his lesson, and he picks up the yellow umbrella that would eventually serve as the main link between him and his future wife. Talk about luck of the Irish.

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“Family Guy”

While not a true St. Patrick’s Day episode, it’s hard to find any thing that is packed with more Irish flair than the “Family Guy” Season 5 episode “Peter’s Two Dads.” While the episode isn’t entirely Irish-centric, it kicks into full effect once Peter finds his father in a pub in Ireland. Its final music number, “My Drunken Irish Dad,” is sure to get you into the true St. Paddy’s Day spirit, reminding you that while yes, alcohol is a huge part of the holiday, it’s also important to share those drinks with your family or anyone special in your life.

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