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Val Kilmer Gave Some Amazing Fanboy Answers in His Reddit AMA — Read the Highlights

Kilmer became instantly endearing with his anecdotes about working on "Heat," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Top Gun."


Actor, artist and noted Cate Blanchett enthusiast Val Kilmer did a Reddit AMA in which he proved, once and for all, stars: they’re just like us. To promote “Cinema Twain,” the feature version of his one-man stage show “Citizen Twain” (get the reference?), Kilmer answered some fan questions and absolutely delivered — mostly because, as it turns out, Val Kilmer is nothing but a huge, endearingly earnest fanboy.

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Here are some of the best answers he gave:

When asked about the experience of working on “Heat,” Kilmer gave just about the greatest response anyone could have hoped for: “Well imagine being able to say, ‘Al and Bob’ for the rest of your life. Not many people can do that. I have seen Bob, giggling like a school girl in a van in the middle of the night, because we have to be quiet cause they are filming outside… I have been hugged by Al Pacino in the middle of downtown LA like he was my older brother. I have shot live rounds from high powered assault weapons over Bob’s head while rehearsing lines from our film. I got to kiss Ashley Judd. I sometimes lived at Michael Mann’s house. I am in one of the greatest cops and robbers films in film history, has to be in the top 20. I am on the poster for goodness sake. What an honor! Priceless experience. Watching ALL the actors do their thing. We all work hard but when you are with the icons, you get really squared away. Loved every minute of it.”

And then he proceeded to nerd out with one of the many users who declared their love for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”: “I know!!!!! I love those guys so much and we had so much fun. You can tell if you watch the behind the scenes footage. I ruin so many takes cause Downey has me howling that he actually gets upset and demands I ‘Keep going keep going…’ And Shane is just the best. So unusual. So clever. And then RDJ went and worked with Michelle Monaghan and didn’t even tell me. I woulda gone by just to watch them together again.”

If he were to do another Shane Black buddy comedy, Kilmer already has a shortlist of who he’d like to play his partner in crime: “always Robert Downey Jr till the day I die. Man is he a monster talent. Also a secret. Sean Penn is super hilarious and hasn’t yet exploited that major gift. And people know this about Ryan Gosling, but he would be great to do a buddy film with. I’ve been talking for years with another buddy, Owen Wilson.”

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He squashed rumors of a rivalry between he and Tom Cruise on the set of “Top Gun,” so you can cross that off the list of potential “Feud” inspiration, Ryan Murphy: “No. He was a sweet heart. We were all quite rowdy me and all the real flyboys and the actors, so I actually felt a little sorry for him cause we all had time to play and date the cute extras and zoom around San Diego in muscle cars, but Tom was always in some scene and never go to play with us…”

He gave some advice to budding actors and spilled some tea about his longtime friend Kevin Spacey: “Work till you cry yourself to sleep every night for months on end. work so hard you pass out and wake up crying. become a world class athlete. Read Shakespeare every day to learn about human nature. EVERY DAY. FOR DECADES. never ever ever ever ever take a day off. And never complain. Its the best job on earth and worth it when you break thru. Dustin Hoffman they say couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, and I knew Kevin Spacey since he was like 15 and he was sooooooooooo bad it used to hurt my eyes. But boy did he work hard and deserves all his awards.”

Kilmer also cleared up that whole Michael-Douglas-saying-he-had-cancer thing: “He was probably trying to help me cause press probably asked where I was these days, and I did have a healing of cancer, but my tongue is still swollen altho healing all the time. Because I don’t sound my normal self yet people think I may still be under the weather.”

He also shares the universal love of pizza: “Pizza is one of the greatest creations on earth. I have tried almost every kind in the world. There is no bad pizza. Or toppings. Heaven is filled with melted cheese…”

A few other highlights: He “never” gets tired of hearing Doc Holliday quotes, his review of Reddit is that “Its cool,” he’s all in on a “Top Gun” sequel (“Hell yes. What a hoot it will be…”) and when asked, vaguely, if it’s all been worth it, he replied, “you betcha.”

Overall, his Reddit AMA went off without a hitch. May nothing in this crazy world ever tarnish Val Kilmer’s pure spirit.

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