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David Lynch Q&A: The Legend on ‘Twin Peaks’ Fan Theories, ‘Breaking Bad,’ and Cats

The acclaimed director discusses the revival, cable TV, who he’d nominate for an Emmy and even his love of “little pigs.”

David Lynch

David Lynch


<<Page 1: Lynch on Returning to “Twin Peaks

What’s the last thing that you watched, that wasn’t your own work, that made you think?

Lynch: I liked “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” a lot, and I … Let’s see. Those were two of my favorites.

What did you like about them?

Lynch: They brought me into a world and pulled me along in a good way.

You’ve referred to “Twin Peaks” as a movie, cinematic, so do you feel like you’d be open to jumping back into movies now?

Lynch: The feature film has changed a lot. Art houses are gone and people show a certain type of cinema in the big theaters now that, you know, it’s not quite really good for me, and if I made a feature film, I was think I’d play in LA and New York for a week, and then go right to television.

But things go in waves. It could come back. It could come back, a great resurgence of art-house cinema, you know, really great films.

David Lynch, "Twin Peaks"

David Lynch, “Twin Peaks”


You famously ran a unique For Your Consideration campaign for Laura Dern for an Oscar. Which actor would you mount an Emmys campaign for, for this show, the new “Twin Peaks”?

Lynch: Kyle MacLachlan is the star of the show, so I’d have to run one for him.

Would it involve a cow?

Lynch: Might involve a cow. Could go to a different animal.

Speaking of animals, something that I really enjoy is the use of animals in your work. Do you feel like they have a significance in how you tell stories?

Lynch: You go by the ideas, and if the idea comes with an animal, by golly you’re going to use an animal.

Do you identify with a certain animal the most?

Lynch: I like deer. I like pigs. I like little pigs, and I like some dogs.

[Cat meows in background.]

Lynch: You have a cat there?

Yes, she’s speaking to you.

Lynch: Okay, you know I’m sure your cat’s real great, too.

That was great timing on her part.

Lynch: That was good timing.

Do you still have the For Your Consideration banner for Laura Dern?

Lynch: No, I did that for her for “Inland Empire,” and all the signs have been put away. ’Til the next time.

The new “Twin Peaks” has a huge cast of actors, that includes a bunch of new actors we’ve never seen in that world before. Has the population of Twin Peaks grown?

Lynch: You’ll have to check out the series.

Okay. When it comes to these new actors, did you already know who you wanted them to play, or did you say, “Hey, I like this actor. I’m going to try to create a character for them”?

Lynch: No, no, no, no. The thing was written, and then you want get the right person for the part. That’s what casting is all about.

Angelo Badalamenti is back, and you’ve worked with him a lot. What is it about him that you love about his work?

Lynch: Angelo writes music that stirs the heart and soul.

Did you ask him for anything different for “Twin Peaks,” or did you just let him do his thing?

Lynch: I like to work with Angelo and talk to him, and then he plays what I tell him.

Russ Tamblyn, "Twin Peaks"

Russ Tamblyn, “Twin Peaks”


Transcendental meditation is something that you’ve said has helped you so much in your life and in being creative. Have you ever wanted one of your characters to practice this on screen?

Lynch: No. I think that would be pushing it, and I like people who, you know, as you go along in life, you know, a thing happens, and people become a seeker. They look for something to give them the path to their full potential. I like them to know about transcendental mediation, but they’ve got to make up their own mind to take it and use it.

You’ve done a comic strip before. Have you considered delving back into some sort of animation?

Lynch: I love animation, and yeah, I think about it from time to time, the animated world.

Do you like any animation that’s out there, either in film or TV?

Lynch: I think it’s a medium, animation, that is really compelling, and I like the idea of it.

Have you seen anything you like lately that you…

Lynch: No, I’ve been working, you know. I haven’t seen anything.

You can hopefully after this. How much more work do you have left on “Twin Peaks”?

Lynch: Well, we’re getting close to the very end. It’s coming out May 21st.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Lynch: No, I’m feeling good. I’m feeling real good.

“Twin Peaks” picks up 25 years after the events of the original series. Kyle MacLachlan is returning along with a slew of other original cast members, including Mädchen Amick, David Duchovny, Sherilyn Fenn, Miguel Ferrer, Sheryl Lee, Peggy Lipton, Harry Dean Stanton, Russ Tamblyn, Alicia Witt and Grace Zabriskie. All 18 episodes have been directed by David Lynch, who co-wrote the series with Mark Frost.

The first two episodes will premiere back to back on Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. on Showtime. Immediately following, Episodes 3 and 4 will then be available on Showtime Anytime and Showtime On Demand, before airing the following week.

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