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‘Twin Peaks’ Bible: Here’s IndieWire’s Full Coverage of the David Lynch Revival

From the first glimmer of its resurrection in 2014 to the 2017 premiere, IndieWire has extensively covered the return of "Twin Peaks." Here's a roundup of the road back to the red room.

Twin Peaks


Things are about to once again get both wonderful and strange. After years in the works, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s “Twin Peaks” revival is finally unleashed on the world this Sunday. Fans are in for 18 hours of Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and his journey back to Twin Peaks, 25 years later.

IndieWire will have a full review of the “Twin Peaks” revival’s first two episodes at 11 p.m. ET, immediately after air. (UPDATED: Here.) Showtime also plans to post Episodes 3 and 4 on Sunday night, and we’ll review those ASAP. Also on tap: A roundtable discussion among some of IndieWire’s biggest “Twin Peaks” fans on their reactions to the initial episodes. (UPDATED: Here.)

The “Twin Peaks” revival was an experience like no other for Showtime executives, who honored Lynch’s request to keep the show completely under wraps until its premiere. “As you can imagine, shepherding this show is kind of like trying to transport the Ark of the Convenant: Everyone wants to see what’s inside, but revealing it might be deadly,” Showtime president David Nevins said at the show’s premiere on Friday.

Showtime first announced the “Twin Peaks” revival in 2014, and MacLachlan had signed on to return by January 2015. The show appeared to be in jeopardy a few months later, however, as negotiations hit a snag to bring Lynch and Frost back. But things were ironed out – and Showtime pretty much gave Lynch free reign to do the show he wanted to do. That ultimately meant a sweeping, 18-hour return with more than 200 actors.

IndieWire has covered the “Twin Peaks” revival every step of the way. Here’s a round up of our coverage over the last few years. (UPDATED with the first reviews.)

The IndieWire “Twin Peaks” Reviews

‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3 Premiere Review: David Lynch Remains a Master — But The Brutality Toward Women Feels Dated
(May 2017) The return of this iconic series proves plenty watchable, but there are a few elements that don’t go down as easy as damn good coffee.

‘Twin Peaks’ Episodes 3 and 4 Review: More Than Ever, David Lynch Is Still Screwing With Us
No spoilers, except to confirm that “Twin Peaks” remains as dense with mystery as ever.

‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere: Debating Whether the Return Lived Up to Expectations, and What David Lynch Is Trying to Say
(May 2017) IndieWire critics discuss of that freaky scene, a sweet moment and how or if “Twin Peaks” has changed in its return.

David Lynch and Kyle MaclachlanShowtime's TWIN PEAKS TV series premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 19 May 2017

David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan

Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

“Twin Peaks” Premiere Event

‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere: No Spoilers, but David Lynch Really Loves Trees
(May 2017) Hundreds gathered in Hollywood for the once-in-a-lifetime event that nobody was really allowed to talk about.

‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere: Kyle MacLachlan’s Face on This Superfan’s Jacket Is an Amazing Story
(May 2017) “Castle Rock” executive producer Sam Shaw reveals the epic tale behind the greatest jacket of all time.

David LynchShowtime's TWIN PEAKS TV series premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 19 May 2017

David Lynch

Showtime by/REX/Shutterstock

David Lynch on the “Twin Peaks” Revival

David Lynch Q&A: The Legend on ‘Twin Peaks’ Fan Theories, ‘Breaking Bad,’ and Cats
(May 2017) The acclaimed director discusses the revival, cable TV, who he’d nominate for an Emmy and even his love of “little pigs.”

David Lynch Is Done With Film, and Promises 2006’s ‘Inland Empire’ Was the Last Movie He’ll Ever Make
(May 2017) As “Twin Peaks” returns in a few weeks, Lynch says there’s no room for an auteur like him on the big screen anymore.

David Lynch Responds to ‘Twin Peaks’ Fan Theories: ‘We All See Something Different in a Story’
(May 2017) Lynch recalls reading printed stacks from “this brand new kind of thing” called the internet during the show’s original run.

David Lynch Revisited: Why We Need His Genius Now More Than Ever — Critics Debate
(March 2017) With a documentary on Lynch in theaters alongside a NYC retrospective, and the new season of “Twin Peaks” right around the corner, we debate the continuing relevance of a great American filmmaker.

‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Hints What Laura Palmer Has to Do With the Showtime Revival
(January 2017) The legendary director surprised critics with an enthralling Q&A at the TCA press tour.

David Lynch on ‘Twin Peaks’ Return: ‘Cable Television Is the New Art-House’
(September 2016) Don’t expect him to end his 10-year hiatus from filmmaking anytime soon.

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (1632377a) Twin Peaks, Madchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, Kyle Maclachlan Film and Television

Madchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie and Kyle Maclachlan in “Twin Peaks.”


The Legacy of “Twin Peaks”

‘Twin Peaks’: How The Show’s Original Fans Created the Internet As We Know It Today
(May 2017) Co-creator Mark Frost reveals that even in 1990, he knew the internet would be game-changing.

Watch ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me’ and You’ll Know What the Show Was Really About: Incest and Rape
(May 2017) Through the darkness of futures past, David Lynch’s prequel deserves a second look.

‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch, Damon Lindelof and More Remember the Original Phenomenon and Tease the Revival — Watch
(May 2017) A few behind-the-scenes clips and a flood of memories come from three new videos teasing “Twin Peaks’” return.

‘Twin Peaks’: 7 Damn Fine TV Homages to David Lynch’s Influential Series
(May 2017) From “Sesame Street” to “Psych,” these TV shows couldn’t resist taking a poke at the signature series.

‘Twin Peaks’ and Beyond: The Best Shows Inspired by David Lynch’s TV Phenomenon
(April 2017) From “Riverdale” to “Top of the Lake,” these mystery series are the descendants of the iconic series.

Twin Peaks Season 3

“Twin Peaks”

Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

What You Need to Know Before Watching the “Twin Peaks” Revival

‘Twin Peaks’: Why You Need to Watch the Pilot Again Before the Revival Premieres
(May 2017) It’s actually happening — again! — and you can watch the revival in less than six days! But before that, here are a few thoughts on the episode that started it all.

‘Twin Peaks’: 5 New Secrets About David Lynch’s Cult Classic Reboot Revealed
(May 2017) Ahead of the anticipated premiere on Showtime, Variety sat down with Lynch and the show’s co-creator Mark Frost, as well as returning star Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Special Agent Dale Cooper, and Laura Dern, a Lynch regular who is a new addition to the show.

‘Twin Peaks’: Showtime Boss on the Revival’s Launch Plans and How It’s ‘Pure Heroin’ David Lynch
(January 2017) TCA: President David Nevins has seen all 18 episodes: “The core of it is Agent Cooper’s odyssey back to Twin Peaks.”

‘Twin Peaks’: Everything We Learned About Season 3 From Mark Frost’s ‘The Secret History’
(November 2016) Behold, a damn fine coffee-table-sized read for diehard fans, just in time for the cult tv show’s return.

Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks”


“Twin Peaks” Trailers, Teasers and First-Look Photos

‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer Features David Lynch with Miguel Ferrer in Posthumous Appearance
(May 2017) We actually get new footage AND dialogue, which should hold you over until May 21.

‘Twin Peaks’: Dale Cooper Returns to The Red Room in New Look at David Lynch’s Upcoming Revival
(May 2017) Plus, get a look at some classic locales, 25 years later.

‘Twin Peaks’: New Teaser Brags About Being Awesome Before Everyone Else — Watch
(May 2017) Know your auteur television roots.

‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser: New Footage Brings an Eerie First Look at Familiar Faces
(May 2017) Cooper, Hawk, Big Ed and Sarah Palmer and more in the revival’s biggest reveal yet.

‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Offers First New Footage of the Upcoming Revival — Watch
(April 2017) Return to the red room.

‘Twin Peaks’ New Teaser Sums Up the First Two Seasons in Less Than Three Minutes — Watch
(April 2017) The revival of David Lynch’s cult classic premieres May 21.

‘Twin Peaks’ Teases First Clues With Video Puzzle — Try to Solve It
(April 2017) Relax to the dulcet tones of Angelo Badalamenti’s theme music as you try to crack the code.

‘Twin Peaks’ Mysterious Cherry Pie Billboards Appear Across the Country
(March 2017) With just under two months to go until the May 21 return of “Twin Peaks,” mysterious billboards have popped up around the country with nothing but cherry pie on them.

‘Twin Peaks’ Cast Reunited In First Photos, And It Looks So Eerily Good
(March 2017) “Some things have changed, but a lot hasn’t changed. A lot is still steady the way it was,” said Peggy Lipton, who played Norma.

‘Twin Peaks’: These Laura Palmer Missing Posters Have a Hidden Message in the Hotline
(March 2017) Listen to the audio for Showtime’s viral marketing campaign for the revival series.

‘Twin Peaks’ Day: Celebrate With This First Look at Eerie Posters From the Showtime Revival
(February 2017) February 24 marks the day that Dale Cooper first entered the town of Twin Peaks.

‘Twin Peaks’: ‘Body’ Teaser Trailer Inspires Two Laura Palmer Conspiracy Theories — Watch
(February 2017) Is David Lynch dropping new hints about the revival? Get ready to watch this clip frame by frame.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival Teaser: Agent Cooper May Not Be Rid of Bob After All These Years — Watch
(February 2017) Details on the revival of “Twin Peaks” continue to be shrouded in mystery, but that’s not stopping Showtime from sending out another very intriguing/frustrating teaser.

‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer Celebrates Damn Good Coffee — Watch
(February 2017) A supercut of references to coffee throughout the first two seasons.

‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer: First Look at the Return of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper — Watch
(January 2017) The new “Twin Peaks” is all about the return of Kyle MacLachlan’s iconic character.

‘Twin Peaks’ New Teaser: David Lynch Hypnotically Eats a Donut as Gordon Cole — Watch
(December 2016) David Lynch appears in a new teaser for the 2017 limited series “Twin Peaks.”

‘Twin Peaks’ New Teaser: Composer Angelo Badalamenti Plays Haunting ‘Laura Palmer’ Theme
(September 2016) The clip features “Twin Peaks” composer Angelo Badalamenti, Lynch’s longtime collaborator who is in charge of the revival’s score, playing the iconic “Laura Palmer” theme.

‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’ Trailer: Mark Frost’s Upcoming Book Is…a Novel?
(July 2016) The long-awaited third season of “Twin Peaks” isn’t Mark Frost’s only upcoming project related to the show he co-created with David Lynch.

Watch: ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns to Showtime and the Woods in 2017 (Because Location Matters)
(December 2015) Michael Horse (who played Deputy Hawk in the original series) muses on the importance of the show’s return to the Pacific Northwest.

Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz, "Twin Peaks"

Kimmy Robertson and Harry Goaz, “Twin Peaks”


The Cast of “Twin Peaks”

’Twin Peaks’: How David Lynch Kept Details of the Year’s Biggest Revival a Secret Even From His Own Cast
(March 2017) A GQ profile details how David Lynch kept things so secretive.

Laura Dern Calls the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival ‘Fiery and Deep, Poignant and Hilarious’
(March 2017) The actress has previously collaborated with David Lynch on three different films.

‘Twin Peaks’: Hear Sheryl Lee Bring ‘The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer’ To Life In New Clips
(March 2017) David Lynch’s daughter wrote a prequel novel for ‘Twin Peaks’ in the ’90s, and you can finally listen to it on Audible on May 2.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Kyle MacLachlan and Cast Discuss Returning To David Lynch’s Iconic Series
(October 2016) Other cast members that discuss the return include Miguel Ferrer, Harry Goaz, Dana Ashbrook, Kimmy Robertson, and more.

‘Twin Peaks’ Audiobook Reunites Kyle MacLachlan And More Key Cast To Narrate New Tale
(August 2016) “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” was released on October 18th.

‘Twin Peaks’: David Bowie Was Going To Be On The Showtime Series Before His Death
(May 2016) The singer was going to reprise his role as Agent Phillip Jeffries from the spinoff film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” for a brief cameo.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Why Piper Laurie and Joan Chen Weren’t Cast In The Showtime Series
(May 2016) A source confirmed that Chen was “not asked to return” and that Lynch “couldn’t find something for her or Piper Laurie that would make sense.”

‘Twin Peaks’ Cast: Who’s Making It Back To The Show & Which Notable Cast Members Won’t Be Returning
(April 2016) David Lynch and writer and executive producer Mark Frost announced the full cast list for the “Twin Peaks” revival.

‘Twin Peaks’ Full Cast Revealed: Amanda Seyfriend, Michael Cera & Over 200 More Join David Lynch Show
(April 2016) The new “Twin Peaks” series boasts a whopping 217 cast members for its entire run.

Kyle MacLachlan on Being Every Mayor in ‘Portlandia’ and What It’s Like In the ‘Twin Peaks’ Bubble
(February 2016) When he’s on the set of “Twin Peaks,” it’s a very “intimate” experience.

Kyle MacLachlan Still Auditions and Still Loves ‘Twin Peaks’
(June 2015) His answer to the question of “How do you pick roles?” has changed over the years.

“Twin Peaks” Soundtrack

The Music of “Twin Peaks”

The ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme Song Gets a ‘Seinfeld’ Makeover — Listen
(March 2017) The gloomy tune created by Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise is mixed it with the signature “Seinfeld” slap bass.

David Lynch’s Festival: Watch Sky Ferreira, Angelo Badalamenti and More Perform ‘Twin Peaks’ Music
(October 2016) The festival included singer Rebekah Del Rio recreating her scene from “Mulholland Drive.”

‘Twin Peaks’: Eddie Vedder Previews Trippy New Song He Wrote For The Revival — Listen
(September 2016) The Pearl Jam frontman debuted “Out of Sand” during a music festival in California.

‘Twin Peaks’ Soundtrack to Be Released on ‘Damn Good Coffee’ Vinyl
(August 2016) David Lynch personally approved the artwork.

Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks”


The Road to Revival for “Twin Peaks”

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Release Date Announced For David Lynch’s Iconic Series
(January 2017) Lynch directed all 18 episodes of the revival, which finally landed an official premiere date.

Mark Frost on the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: ‘Trailers Are Coming Soon’ and More Reveals
(November 2016) The show’s co-creator answered questions from viewers during a Reddit AMA.

‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’ Audiobook: Listen to an Excerpt Delving Into Josie Packard’s Shadowy Past
(October 2016) Mark Frost’s new book expands on the show’s backstory and characters.

Mark Frost on the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival and Working with David Lynch: ‘I Do the Typing’
(October 2016) The show’s co-creator answered questions on io9.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: David Lynch Is ‘Deep in Editing’ for Early Half of 2017 Release
(August 2016) TCA: There’s a binder full of reasons why we don’t know how many episodes there will be yet.

‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: Release Info Revealed & David Lynch Directing All 18 Episodes
(July 2016) Ray Wise confirms his participation in all episodes.

‘Twin Peaks’: Co-Creator Mark Frost Reveals Why He & David Lynch Decided to Revisit the Series
(May 2016) “There was this kind of grassroots longing for the show to come back that was coming to us,” Frost says.

David Lynch Orchestrated Showtime’s Unusual ‘Twin Peaks’ Press Releases
(April 2016) The filmmaker’s fingerprints were all over Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ press strategy.

Twin Peaks Full Crew Announced: David Lynch Reunites With Several Collaborators
(April 2016) Some of the big collaborators include: Sabrina S. Sutherland, an executive producer on the new series who was a production coordinator in the original run.

‘Twin Peaks’: Why We Should Be More Careful About The Word ‘Reboot’ (Even if Season 3 Won’t Be Back Before 2017)
(July 2015) The more we hear about the upcoming return of “Twin Peaks,” the more we regret ever using the term “reboot.”

Have David Lynch And Showtime Made Peace Over ‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3?
(May 2015) Speculation had surrounded whether Lynch was asking for a budget for the show beyond what Showtime was willing to pay.

Complete ‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3 Rundown: What David Lynch, Showtime and the Cast Are Saying
(April 2015) A sure thing became very confusing on Easter Sunday, thanks to David Lynch publicly withdrawing from his cult show’s potential revival. There are facts, and there are rumors — a mystery as complex (if not nearly as weird) as the show inspiring it all.

David Lynch Hasn’t Signed a Contract — Is ‘Twin Peaks’ in Trouble? (Updated!)
(March 2015) Looks like that “Twin Peaks” reboot isn’t as sure a thing as we thought.

Kyle MacLachlan Set for ‘Twin Peaks,’ David Lynch to Direct All Episodes
(January 2015) How is Nevins managing Mark Frost and David Lynch as creators? “More or less writing checks and leaving them alone.”

Watch: Dale Cooper Encounters TV’s Best Detectives in Hilarious ‘Twin Peaks’ Parody
(November 2014) For anybody wondering what would happen if Dale Cooper of “Twin Peaks” crossed paths with some of television’s best modern-day detectives, today is your lucky day.

‘Twin Peaks’: It’s Officially Coming Back, Thanks to Showtime
(October 2014) Lynch will direct all nine episodes.

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