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Morgan Spurlock, Tim Heidecker, and TV Sneak Peeks Set For SeriesFest 2017

The full line-up for Season 3 of the Denver-based festival now includes an exclusive advanced screening of ABC’s “The Mayor” and the Season 5 finale of Adult Swim’s “Decker.”

director Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

Daniel Bergeron

The SeriesFest television festival announced its third annual event lineup today, and it features plenty of panels and some exclusive advance screenings. The most anticipated events include “Inside Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets,” a panel spearheaded by CEO and founder Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me”) and “In Conversation with Mark Herzog, David Rivera, and Lizzie Fox for the CNN Original Series, The Nineties,” a panel featuring three documentarians discussing what it takes to create a docuseries that examines historical moments with a modern day perspective.

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Additional panels include “Books to TV: Navigating the Pages,” featuring “Pretty Little Liars” author Sara Shepard and “Famous in Love” author and series co-creator Rebecca Serle, and “Women in Entertainment” featuring the producer and former president of Comedy Central, Michelle Ganeless.

Season 3 of SeriesFest will also feature some advanced screenings including ABC’s “The Mayor,” and the world premiere of Adult Swim’s “Decker” Season 5 finale, followed by a Q & A session with creators and stars Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington.

This year’s festival will also host an International Spotlight section that features a diverse lineup of “the most impressive shows from around the globe including the North American premieres of ‘Dumb’ (Israel), ‘Farang’ (Sweden), ‘Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne’ (Austria/Germany), ‘Missions’ (France) and ‘The Wise Ones’ (Brazil), as well as the Colorado premiere of ‘The Body Collector’ (The Netherlands),” according to the official summary provided by SeriesFest.

THE MAYOR - ABC's "The Mayor" stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose, Yvette Nicole Brown as Dina Rose, Bernard David Jones as Jermaine Hardaway, Marcel Spears as T.K. Carter and Lea Michele as Valentina Flores. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

“The Mayor”


This year the festival has also launched an Alumni Section that will feature new work from SeriesFest Season One and Season Two creators. 

SeriesFest is an award-winning annual international television and content festival based in Denver, Colorado that’s dedicated to showcasing “the best and boldest in episodic storytelling from around the world.” Check out the full line-up below. 


Missions (North American Premiere)

Wednesday, June 28 | 2:30pm-4:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Julien Lacombe, Ami Cohen, Henri Debeurme

Cast: Hélène Vivies, Arben Bajraktaraj, Clément Aubert, Mathias Mlekuz

France, 90m, 3 episodes

Missions follows a crew of European astronauts in a space race against the US to reach Mars. But with no word from the American crew after they reach the red planet first, the European exploration mission becomes a rescue operation.

Once they land, they find a survivor, but he isn’t an American: he’s Russian, and the first man who ‘died’ in space – in 1967.

Farang (North American Premiere)

Wednesday, June 28 | 8:00pm-10:00pm | SieFilm Center

Creator: Malin Lind Lagerlöf

Cast: Ola Rapace, Louise Nyvall, Yayaying Rhatha Phongam

Sweden, 120m, 2 episodes

Farang is an action-packed international thriller that explores the complicated ties that bind a father with his daughter, and features a stellar cast including Ola Rapace (Skyfall, Section Zero, Wallander, Together), Louise Nyvall (Girls Lost) and Yayaying Rhatha Phongam (Only God Forgives).

The Body Collector (Colorado Premiere)

Thursday, June 29 | 7:30pm-9:55pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Alain de Levita, Kaja Wolffers

Cast: Guy Clemens, Aus Greidanus sr., Noortje Herlaar, Carine Crutzen

The Netherlands, 143m, 3 episodes

In this intriguing mini-series, a successful journalist attempts to discover the truth behind the multimillionaire art collector, Nazi, and war criminal Pieter Menten, who has been accused of the execution of Jewish families in Poland.

The Wise Ones (North American Premiere)

Friday, June 30 | 1:15pm-2:45pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creator: Quico Meirelles

Cast: Beatriz Segall and Juca de Oliveira

Brazil, 80m, 2 episodes

In the new anthology series directed by Fernando Meirelles, from the acclaimed City of God and The Constant Gardener, the storyteller proposes a reflection on aging. In every episode, a new story which “over 60” characters rediscover and reinvent themselves, beginning to live (why not?) one of the best phases of their lives.

Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne (North American Premiere)

Saturday, July 1 | 11:00am-1:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creator: Martin Ambrosch

Cast: Jannis Niewöhner, Christa Theret

Austria/Germany, 100m, 2 episodes

Known as ‘The Last Knight’ for his bravery and battle skills, the story of the great European Emperor Maximilian depicts the struggle of a son who steps out of his father’s shadow, helped by an unexpected ally: Mary of Burgundy, a beautiful, headstrong woman, held hostage by her own people.

Dumb (North American Premiere)

Saturday, July 1 | 6:30pm-8:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Bat Hen Sabbag, Shay Capon

Cast: Bat Hen Sabbag, Muki

Israel, 90m, 3 episodes

Dumb is a crime drama centered around Shari, a frustrated and stoned 30-year-old actress who gets the role of a lifetime, going undercover as a student in high school trying to help her ex-boyfriend who was arrested for drug dealing. However, blinded by love and power she soon crosses the line…


Less is More: The Rise of Short Form Entertainment

Wednesday, June 28 | 12:30pm-1:30pm | Sie FilmCenter


Melissa Schneider, EVP Originals & Development, New Form
Davey Spens, Creative, Director Pulse

Short form entertainment has exploded and, so far, the sky’s the limit. Long gone are the days when ‘shorts’ were a side-note at a film festival or an obscure category at an awards show. Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others have given voice — and careers — to this content. But, how do these portals decide to spotlight or even commission this work? What draws their attention and favor, or better yet, how can ambitious creatives get in on the action? Join some of the taste- and decision-makers in this field for an illuminating conversation of how digital short form work surfaces to the top and where the business of this still rapidly developing medium is heading.

Inside Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets

Wednesday, June 28 | 3:45pm-4:45pm | Sie FilmCenter


Morgan Spurlock, Founder & CEO

Jeremy Chilnick, Partner & COO

Rachel Traub, Film Creative Executive

Matthew Cafritz, Manager of Development

Eric Enright, Creative Executive

A window into Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s production studio Warrior Poets. Since its creation in 2004, Spurlock and producing partner Jeremy Chilnick have produced multiple award winning films, television programs, and digital content. Their most recent films include Discovery’s Rats and the critically acclaimed doc The Eagle Huntress. Warrior Poets recently announced their upcoming show for TNT about women’s issues, “Who Run the World?”,

which they will produce alongside Sarah Jessica Parker. This panel will give you insight into the creative process & drive of one of the most innovative production companies in the world today.

In Conversation with Mark Herzog, David Rivera and Lizzie Fox

CNN’s The Nineties

Wednesday, June 28th | 5:00pm-6:00pm | Sie FilmCenter


Mark Herzog, Executive Producer

David Rivera, Showrunner

Lizzie Fox, Vice President of Current Programming for CNN Original Series

From Emmy Award-winning producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Mark Herzog, The Nineties is an upcoming CNN Original Series that highlights the influential people and iconic events that defined the decade. Viewers will be transported back in time to explore the presidencies of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, technological triumphs and terrorist tragedies, the grunge revolution and hip-hop’s ascendance to the mainstream, interracial conflict from Los Angeles to New York, and the genre-bending new era of television. Join Executive Producer Mark Herzog and Showrunner David Rivera, with Lizzie Fox, Vice President of Current Programming for CNN Original Series, for an in-depth discussion on what it takes to create a docuseries that examines historical moments with a modern day perspective.

Books to TV: Navigating the Pages

Thursday, June 29 | 2:15pm-3:15pm | Sie FilmCenter


Rebecca Serle, Author & series Co-Creator, Famous in Love

Lexa Hillyer, President of Publishing and Founder Glasstown Entertainment

Sara Shepard, Writer, Pretty Little Liars

Books are important minefields for episodic storytelling. Series like ABC’s Resurrection were born out of the hardcovers before going to the small screen. Join media and content company Glasstown Entertainment for an engaging conversation on the importance of intellectual property in Hollywood and why producers are looking outside the industry for big ideas.

The panel will identify the similarities in which books have brought about inspiration for both the big and small screen, while also delving into the challenges of bridging the gap between the New York book world and the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Our expert panelists will also discuss co-developing a project across multiple platforms and the various ways to find success in building a story.

Understanding Diversity: A Two-Part Panel

Thursday, June 29 | 5:45pm-7:30pm | Sie FilmCenter

Join us for an engaging two part-panel focusing on diversity from all angles with entertainment professionals both on and off the screen.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Industry
Presented in partnership with NAMIC-Denver


Teresa Vargas Wyatt, Head of Diversity, El Rey Network
Ali LeRoi, Writer & Director, STARZ’s Survivor’s Remorse, Everybody Hates Chris
Rahman Dukes, Vice President, REVOLT

Mark Kang, Senior Vice President Worldwide Distribution INSP (Moderator)

In response to the lack of diversity found in the 2016 Academy Award nominations, #OscarsSoWhite became a rallying hashtag of protest and admission, shaking not only the film industry, but entertainment as a whole. Fueled by a community-driven viral campaign, and backed by notable names within the industry, this trending hashtag brought to the forefront the crisis of inclusion within Hollywood.

SeriesFest, in partnership with the Denver Chapter of the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity In Communications (NAMIC) and with support from the El Rey Network, STARZ, and REVOLT, will address this important topic. With a focus on how to bridge the diversity gap in episodic storytelling, panel participants will discuss how shows appeal to diverse audiences through both content and marketing; how popular and niche entertainment is written, produced and cast; how to identify the challenges that still need to be overcome; and, looking ahead, how to successfully integrate diverse talent in the growing medium.

Beyond Diversity:  How to Launch and Sustain Your TV Creative Career

Presented in partnership with SAG-AFTRA 


Kelly Edwards, Head of Talent Development and Programming, HBO

Dr. Stacy Smith, University of Southern California, Annenberg School’s Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative
Fanshen DiGiovanni Cox, Head of Strategic Outreach, Cox, Pearl Street Films,

Mike Page, Director of Casting, TNT & TBS

This panel discussion with industry experts will focus on the current state of diversity in television, from behind and in-front of the camera, and give creators, writers, directors, producers and actors tips on getting into Network diversity programs and how to navigate the television landscape. Hear real success stories from the popular series Project Greenlight, HBO’s Writing & Directing Fellowships, and upcoming TBS and TNT television pilots and series.

Denver to London: Storytelling Forum

Presented in Partnership with BAFTA

Friday, June 30 | 11:00am-1:00pm | Sie FilmCenter & BAFTA Screening Room in London

Denver Panelists

Kit Williamson, Creator & Actor, Eastsiders

Alan Tudyk, Actor & Creator, Con Man

PJ Haarsma, Executive Producer, Con Man

Sonja O’Hara, Creator and Actor, Doomsday

London Q&A

Vinay Patel, BAFTA-nominated Murdered by My Father

In conversation with Script Editor Kate Leys

Join this transatlantic event in Denver and London to explore the craft of episodic and single drama writing. From Denver: Meet three creative pioneers on the vanguard of US independent episodic storytelling who will discuss their journeys in an industry. Live from London, join BAFTA-nominee and Breakthrough Brit Vinay Patel (Murdered by My Father), who made his debut for the online-only BBC3. This event will explore how emerging talent made it to the small screen with their big ideas; our panel in Denver will discuss why they felt their stories were better told as a series versus the more travelled path of independent film and the future of this non-traditional approach, before joining BAFTA in London to explore the craft of single drama and shaping your first hour of television. For the second year in a row, SeriesFest is teaming with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) bridging two continents celebrating storytelling.

VR 1.0:  Basics and Inspiration

Friday, June 30 | 2:00pm-3:00pm | Sie FilmCenter


Nora Kirkpatrick, Creator and Star of Virtually Mike and Nora

Daniel Bury, Creator of Chasing the World

Stina Hamlin, VR Director, East Coast Digital & State Media

Schele Williams, Director (Moderator)

The story is all around you. What does that mean? Join us for a conversation about the basics of creating 360° stories. Lift the veil on the tech side of VR to enable the creative process of storytelling to come alive. VR production and post is simple; it’s finding the story worth telling in 360° that is the challenge. How does it work? How much does it cost? Where is the distribution? These questions will all be answered. We will bridge the gap between the flat world and the spherical world of immersive VR production.

Schele Williams, Broadway Director, VR enthusiast and storyteller, moderates a panel with Nora Kirkpatrick, creator and star of Virtually Mike and Nora on Hulu; Stina Hamlin, VR Director and Director or Post at East Coast Digital in New York; and SeriesFest Alumni Daniel Bury, Creator of Chasing the World. You will walk away with enough knowledge to turn the spark of curiosity in virtual reality into a trailblazing ball of creative fire to tell powerful immersive, impactful stories in the medium.

No Walls Here – Going International Is A Future Wave

Presented in Partnership with the French Embassy in the United States

Friday, June 30 | 3:45-4:45pm | Fries


Fanny Robert, screenwriter and producer, Profilage (Profiling)

Antoine Chevrollier, Director, Le Bureau des Légendes (The Bureau)

Jack Turner, SVP of Scripted and Documentary Content, Matador

Gustavo Gontijo, Head of Development, Brazil’s Globo Network

Before the likes of HBO, Hulu and Showtime hit the scene, international episodic storytellers had long enjoyed freedom to create television that traditional U.S. networks could only dream about. Meet some of the talented creators representing France and Brazil, who are at the forefront of their countries’ television landscape.

Fanny Robert, screenwriter and producer of the French cop show Profilage (Profiling) and Antoine Chevrollier, one of the directors of Le Bureau des Légendes (The Bureau), which screened last year at SeriesFest will discuss their creative modus operandi. They will be joined by Gustavo Gontijo, a principal with Brazilian content giant Globo as well as American Jack Turner the Head of Scripted for the film and television studio Matador Content – through which he recently produced the film Banksy Does New York for HBO. The panelists will also discuss crossing borders to maximize the creative talents of storytellers regardless of country.

Women in Entertainment

Saturday, July 1 | 3:45pm-4:45pm | Sie FilmCenter


Geneva Wasserman, President, Whitener Entertainment Group

Michelle Ganeless, Producer and Former President of Comedy Central

Jamie Jackson, Composer

Wendy Haines, Actress, Producer, Founder of iWe ~ Inclusion for Women in Entertainment (Moderator)

What does ‘women in entertainment’ mean and is it the same for all industries within entertainment? You might be surprised at the answer. In contrast with the film industry, women’s voices have enjoyed more representation in television over the years. There is still more work to be done, but why does episodic storytelling allow for more inclusion than film? Join leaders in the field, including Geneva Wasserman (President, Whitener Entertainment Group) and Michelle Ganeless (Producer and former president of Comedy Central), who are making their imprint and forging a path to parity. The discussion will explore why women are setting their sights on TV as an entry point to the broader entertainment industry and how and why the medium has become a more reliable source of work. The conversation will also look to the road ahead and how more recent successes can provide renewed momentum to finally shatter glass ceilings everywhere.

SAG-AFTRA New Media/TV Contract Workshop and Q&A

Presented in partnership with SAG-AFTRA

Saturday, July 1 | 12:00pm-1:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Employing professional SAG-AFTRA members in your projects is easier that you may expect!

The new media/television landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. With more delivery platforms and distribution models, it’s an exciting time for both content creators and professional performers. But there are also many questions about what constitutes “new media,” which contracts apply, and more. This presentation by SAG-AFTRA business representative Kiley Cristiano will provide an overview and answer questions frequently asked by filmmakers creating episodic web series and other new media projects.

Writing for Reality: How to Create in Virtual Space

Saturday, July 1 | 2:00pm-3:00pm | Sie FilmCenter


Adrian VasQuez de Valasco, Total Cinema 360

Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, Co-founder of Hyphen-Labs

Nathan Phillips, Interactive Artist and Filmmaker, Creative Director and Best-selling Author (Moderator)

This panel, moderated by the Emmy and Webby-winning Nathan Phillips, will cover the conceptual tricks and vocabulary creative professionals can use to better explore the virtual space. From combating “The Swayze Effect” to the importance of engaging your queue to fun, easy tricks to help to construct a non-linear narrative, the panel is designed for people interested in creating culture and writing stories for the virtual space.


Pillow Talk Season Two (World Premiere)

Wednesday, June 28 | 8:30pm-10:2pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Mike Piscitelli & Rachael Taylor

Director: Mike Piscitelli

Broadcaster: the new app blackpills

USA, 90m

Q&A with Pillow Talk’s Mike Piscitelli, Davey Spens, & Casey Engelhardt

Pillow Talk stars Patrick J. Adams (USA Network’s Suits) as Ryan, our tortured bachelor looking for spiritual enlightenment in a world of Tinder and free porn. After losing his best friend, Ryan spirals to his spiritual bottom where he discovers maybe it’s not all really about him. Produced by blackpills and Pulse Films.

The Eyeslicer (Colorado Premiere)—A Late Night Special Event!

Wednesday, June 28 | 10:45pm-11:45pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Dan Schoenbrun, Vanessa McDonnell

Cast: Will Oldham, Lola Kirke, Kate Lyn Sheil, Anton Yelchin, Frank Mosley, Linas Phillips, William Tokarsky

USA, 60m

Q&A with Eyeslicer’s Creator Dan Schoenbrun

Direct from rave reviews at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, The Eyeslicer is a new variety TV show that collects America’s boldest short-form filmmaking into hour-long visual mixtapes, taking viewers on a weird and wild ride. The first season fuses new and curated boundary-pushing work from 55 visionary filmmakers together into a ten-hour, ten-episode variety TV show. Taken as a whole, the series represents a sufficiently-strange new home for the American filmmaking underground.

The Eyeslicer knows who you are. The Eyeslicer will mince your retinas into delicious ceviche. Warning: The Eyeslicer contains a crystal-clear 1080p BluRay rip of your actual death superimposed over a looped shaky-cam recording of your actual birth.

Field of Vision – New Cinematic Journalism

Wednesday, June 28 | 6:45pm-7:45pm | Sie FilmCenter


Q&A with Charlotte Cook, Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Field of Vision was launched in September 2015 at the New York Film Festival. The goal of Field of Vision has been to create a new place online for films that are equally artistic as they are journalistic, and to provide an outlet for filmmakers and artists to respond creatively in a fast-paced way to global events. They explore stories in the news cycle from different perspectives, putting an artist’s eye on current events. In its first year, Field of Vision commissioned 22 stand-alone nonfiction short films, 3 episodic series and 2 feature-length documentaries. This event will showcase a range of the work Field of Vision is doing, from the use of data art to explore the proposed Mexican border wall, to how the Snowden disclosures can be used to explore the effects on a small town, the Trump administration from the perspective of filmmakers of color, and a perspective on Iraq from multiple viewpoints. Showcase will feature Best of Luck with the Wall,Timberline, Our 100 Days: An Act of Worship, and Our Allies in Iraq: The Shia Militia.

New Voice Crowdfunding Rally Special Presentation

Thursday, June 29 | 4:00pm-5:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Q&A with Seed&Spark’s Emily Best and Program Finalists

Opportunities to break into the industry are continuously expanding, and at SeriesFest you’re right at the heart of it. In 2016, in an effort to discover and bolster new and diverse talent in the sphere of independent television, SeriesFest and funding and streaming platform Seed&Spark announced their New Voice Crowdfunding Rally in partnership with Band of Outsiders, Fullscreen and Mastercard. Dozens of new projects launched during the funding rally, with characters and themes as varied as the audiences they aimed to connect with. Ultimately, four #NewVoiceRally finalists prevailed – Twentyfiveish, Karate Tortoise, Root for the Villian, and The Fob & I) and they’re premiering their teasers at SeriesFest 2017 in the final push for the grand prize: $30,000 from MasterCard and a development deal with Band of Outsiders. The winner will be announced at a special cocktail party following the premieres. Also premiering is the winner of Fullscreen’s special Straight-To-Screen prize, Table Talk.

Colorado Stories: A World Premiere Event

Friday, June 30 | 2:15pm-3:30pm | Sie FilmCenter

Q&A with Creators Kyle Eason, Brock Predovich, Tom Hoch Jr., Nick Thiel, Kyle Cowling

Join us for a community-based special event, featuring local talent, fresh voices, and extraordinary stories. The program includes two World Premiere screenings and conversations with the filmmakers.

Startup Story

Creators: Kyle Eason, Brock Predovich, Tom Hoch Jr.

USA, 30m

Startup Story is a compelling documentary series about an All-American boxer turned serial entrepreneur and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who team up to make dreams come true but find themselves in a fight for their lives that eventually takes the boxer to the new center of the global economy in Asia.

Spectrum (Episode 1)

Creators: Nick Thiel, Kyle Cowling

USA, 22m

In the first episode, This Is Home, we meet 15-year professional Supercross and Motocross racer Andrew Short. In 22 minutes, you will be taken on a bit of a roller coaster that is Andrew’s life—from personal difficulties such as his young son Hudson’s health to professional difficulties such as not performing to the best of his abilities, this special series provides an intimate portrait of everyday people.

A Sneak Preview Double Feature: EastSiders + When the Streetlights Go On

Friday, June 30 | 9:00pm-11:00pm | Sie FilmCenter

Q&A with EastSiders Creator Kit Williamson and Skype Q&A with When The Street Lights Go On Director Brett Morgen!

EastSiders—Season 3 Sneak Preview!

Creator: Kit Williamson

USA, 40m

Don’t miss an advance screening of the celebrated web-turned-Netflix series that changed the television landscape and continues to push boundaries.Sex, Lies and Silver Lake. EastSiders is a dark comedy about a gay couple and their friends living in Silver Lake, California, trying to stay together through drunken outbursts, double standards, and dirty deeds. Starring Kit Williamson, Van Hansis, John Halbach, Brianna Brown, Willam, Stephen Guarino, Matthew McKelligon, Leith Burke, Satya Bhabha, Adam Bucci, Brea Grant, Vera Miao, Constance Wu, Traci Lords, Tuc Watkins, Wilson Cruz, and Colby Keller.

When The Street Lights Go On (Colorado Premiere)

Creators: Chris Hutton and Eddie O’Keefe

Director: Brett Morgan

USA, 48m

Revel in ’80s nostalgia and discover the latest work by the award-winning filmmaker Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture, Cobain: Montage of Heck).

In the summer heat of 1983, a string of unusual occurrences in a small Illinois town culminate with the shocking murders of a popular high school girl and her teacher. When a fellow student, and neighbor, discovers the bodies while riding his bike home one night, the quiet suburban lives of the town’s residents are irrevocably shaken. Starring Max Burkholder, Odessa Young, Adam Long, and Ben Winchell.

The ‘Visionary in Media’ Award Presentation to Krista Smith

Friday, June 30 | 5:30pm–6:30pm | Sie FilmCenter


Please join us as we honor and celebrate Krista Smith for her outstanding work in identifying and supporting emerging artists in the entertainment industry. The evening will include a welcome toast and an extended conversation with our 2017 award recipient.

As Vanity Fair’s Executive West Coast Editor, Smith is the magazine’s ambassador to Hollywood. Each month, she introduces readers to breakout actresses through the Vanities section, and also plays an instrumental role in producing the highly anticipated annual Hollywood-Issue cover and portfolio each year. Many in the film industry have tapped

into Smith’s ability to discover, identify, and monitor the development of new stars throughout her career. Smith has written numerous cover stories for the magazine, and in recent years has taken her journalistic talents from the world of print and expanded them to video. In 2013, Smith participated in the launch of Vanity Fair’s YouTube channel and has expanded her involvement by partnering with Starz to produce video series in conjunction with Vanity Fair at Sundance and Toronto.

Storytellers Initiative Live Read

Friday, June 30 | 7:00pm-8:15pm | SIE FilmCenter

Discover one of today’s smartest and funniest writers at the annual Storytellers Initiative live event! Out of hundreds of submissions, three finalists were selected to participate in a two-day intensive Writers Workshop in L.A. this past May, and out of these three outstanding scripts, one writer was selected to receive an exclusive development deal with our Storytellers Initiative presenting partners, Parallel Entertainment and Elysium Bandini Studios.

Join us Friday, for a never before open-to-the-public live read of You From the Future, A comedy about a down-on-his-luck 60-year-old man who breaks into a science lab and uses a time machine to travel back to his 30 -year-old self. This special presentation also features an introduction from the writer, Jack Robichaud, featured director, Schele Williams, and a Q&A with the creatives and producing teams.

Storytellers Initiative is SeriesFest’s annual screenplay competition and artist initiative, which provides support and mentorship opportunities to talented comedy writers, with the program winner to receive a development deal and cash prize.


Discover one of today’s smartest and funniest writers at the annual Storytellers Initiative live event! Out of hundreds of submissions, three finalists were selected to participate in a two-day intensive Writers Workshop in L.A. this past May, and out of these three outstanding scripts, one writer was selected to receive an exclusive development deal with our Storytellers Initiative presenting partners, Parallel Entertainment and Elysium Bandini Studios.

Join us Friday, for a never before open-to-the-public live read of You From the Future, A comedy about a down-on-his-luck 60-year-old man who breaks into a science lab and uses a time machine to travel back to his 30 -year-old self. This special presentation also features an introduction from the writer, Jack Robichaud, featured director, Schele Williams, and a Q&A with the creatives and producing team

Storytellers Initiative is SeriesFest’s annual screenplay competition and artist initiative, which provides support and mentorship opportunities to talented comedy writers, with the program winner to receive a development deal and cash prize.

Adult Swim’s Decker Season 5 Finale (World Premiere)

Saturday, July 1 | 5:45pm-6:45pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington

Season 5, Episodes 5 & 6

USA, 22m

Q&A with Decker’s Creators and Stars Tim Heidecker & Gregg Turkington

Decker is a live-action series that follows Agent Jack Decker as he subverts terrorist plots against his beloved America. Joined by ally and master code breaker Agent Jonathan Kington, the two navigate evils both foreign and domestic threatening a once great nation.

ABC’s The Mayor (Exclusive Advanced Screening)

Thursday, June 29 | 10:30am-11:30am | Sie FilmCenter

Executive Producers: Daveed Diggs, Jeremy Bronson, James Griffiths, Jamie Tarses

Cast: Brandon Micheal Hall, Lea Michele, Bernard David Jones, Marcel Spears, Yvette Nicole Brown

USA, 22m

Skype Q&A with Cast Members Brandon Micheal Hall & Yvette Nicole Brown

Young rapper Courtney Rose (Brandon Micheal Hall) needs his big break. For years he’s toiled away in a small inner-city apartment, making music in his junk-filled bedroom closet. Tired of waiting for opportunity, Courtney cooks up the publicity stunt of the century – running for mayor of his hometown in California to generate buzz for his music career. Unfortunately for Courtney, his master plan goes wildly awry, ending in the most terrifying of outcomes: an election victory. With the help of his mother (Yvette Nicole Brown, “Community”) and friends, including Valentina (“Glee’s” Lea Michele), Courtney will have to overcome his hubris if he wants to transform the struggling city he loves.

From executive producer Daveed Diggs (Tony winner for Broadway’s “Hamilton”), writer/executive producer Jeremy Bronson (“Speechless,” “The Mindy Project,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) and executive producer Jamie Tarses (“Happy Endings”), the series is from ABC Studios. The pilot is directed by executive producer James Griffiths (“black-ish”).

Alumni Selections

Horizon (Season 2 Premiere)

Wednesday, July 28 | 12:00pm-1:45pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Paul Dudbridge, Simon Pearce, Chris Marshfield

Cast: Paul Tonkin, Alicia Ancel, Simon Pearce, Kate Marie Davies, Dan Winter

UK, 83m, Season 1 and 2

Skype Q&A with Horizon’s Paul Dudbridge and Simon Pearce

Five friends attempt to flee England when a mysterious alien ship arrives in the skies over their home city. As they battle to stick together, loyalties and relationships will be tested, yet one question remains: who are these mysterious visitors and why are they here?

Dropping the Soap

Thursday, July 29 | 11:30am-1:20pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Paul Witten, Mandy Fabian, Kate Mines

Cast: Paul Witten, Kate Mines, Jane Lynch

USA, 95m, 10 episodes

Q&A with Dropping the Soap’s Producer Nino Mancuso

The bubble is about to burst for the cast and crew of the long-running (awful) soap-opera Collided Lives when new Executive Producer Olivia Vanderstein (played by the always brilliant Emmy Award-winner Jane Lynch) shows up. Yup, things are gonna get ugly. Bend over, Daytime.

New Mommies (Pilot Premiere)

Thursday, July 29 | 12:15pm-1:30pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creators: Micah Cohen, Matthew Mullen

Cast: Micah Cohen, Jackson McQueen

USA, 26m

*Screening with Nunsense

Q&A with Creator, Writer, and Co-Director Matthew Mullen

From the creators of :30 Second Somebodies, which premiered at last year’s festival, comes New Mommies. This fresh new series explores the lives of a recently cuckolded odd couple as they begin their quest to find “new mommies” for their beloved pets.

Nunsense (Colorado Premiere)

Thursday, July 29 | 12:15pm-1:30pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creator: Dan Goggin

Cast: Jeff Blumenkrantz, June Gable, Dee Hoty, Bambi Jones, Beth Leavel, Christina Pumariega, Lee Roy Reams, Christopher Sieber, Phyllis Smith, Mary Stout, Melinda Tanner, Jeanne Tinker, Scott Willis, Karen Ziemba

Guest starring: Darlene Love

USA, 29m

*Screening with New Mommies

Q&A with Nunsense Creator Dan Goggin

The internationally famous Little Sisters of Hoboken of Mt. Saint Helen’s Convent continue their zany adventures as they enter a local variety show competition to win $100,000 to help save their school’s music and arts program, not to mention their chance at stealing the spotlight.

Doomsday: Episode 1 and Episode 2 (World Premiere)

Saturday, July 1 | 6:45pm-8:45pm | Sie FilmCenter

Creator: Sonja O’Hara

Cast: Karin Agstam, Mark St. Cyr, Ellen Toland, Sonja O’Hara, Jaspal Binning, Alice Kremelberg, Donald Paul

USA, 120m

Q&A with Doomsday’s Sonja O’Hara, Dan McBride, Karin Agstam, Vincent Petrosini 

Doomsday is an award-winning original series that follows the daily lives of the residents of a matriarchal millennial cult and explores the gray area where youthful idealism evolves into deadly extremism.

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