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‘Twin Peaks’: The 6 Craziest Revival Fan Theories, Ranked

'Twin Peaks' has inspired countless fan theories over the years, but can any of them come close to cracking what David Lynch is actually cooking up?

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Audrey is the Anonymous Billionaire in New York ☕☕☕ (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

We’re not the first to propose this, as The Hollywood Reporter floated the theory a week after the premiere, but this one is tempting, especially considering how much Audrey cared for Agent Cooper. By the end of Season 1, she was already risking her life by infiltrating One Eyed Jack’s to help Coop catch Laura’s killer. Audrey also proved herself to be quite business savvy towards the end of Season 2, nearly taking over her father’s business while he was reenacting The Civil War. It’s also telling that Ben Horne had a new assistant (Ashley Judd!), and Audrey was nowhere to be found.

Is it possible she took over the department store and turned it into a thriving business, one that took up residence in New York City? Since the anonymous billionaire must have had some understanding of The Black Lodge, it’s likely they hail from Twin Peaks. Now sure, Audrey had fallen in love with John Justice Wheeler (who among us could resist a dashing young Billy Zane?) by the end of Season 2, but he also left her behind in Twin Peaks while he flew off to the jungles of Brazil. Besides, we all know that Audrey would do anything for her “special agent,” including finding a way to bring him back home.

Harry Goaz, Michael Cera and Kimmy Robertson, "Twin Peaks"

Harry Goaz, Michael Cera and Kimmy Robertson, “Twin Peaks”

Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Wally Brando is Really Dead ☕☕☕☕ (Source: Reddit /u/chblank)

There’s no doubt that Michael Cera’s quirky cameo in Episode 4 was hilarious, but Andy and Lucy’s son is definitely stranger than most of the characters in Twin Peaks. And it’s possible that it’s because he’s not their son at all, but an actor hired to play the role of Wally Brando.

Lynch is careful to show Lucy struggling to adapt to new technology; she can’t figure out the thermostat and she faints at the sight of Sheriff Truman when he appears in the station mere seconds after ending a call with her from his cell phone. Sure, it could be a thinly veiled rib at the fans who can’t let go of the original series, but Lucy’s inability to let go of the past could also be the result of losing her only son as a child.

With Lucy and Andy in denial and shock, Sheriff Truman may have hired an actor to play their son — a role that fake Wally took literally, considering his “The Wild One” getup and bad “Godfather” impersonation. This could also explain why Wally Brando makes a point of telling his parents that they can convert his childhood bedroom into a study, as a way to help them move on and let go of the past. On top of this, it’s also possible that the other Sheriff Truman is also dead, since Wally shows up to “pay his respects” but let’s stick to him being “sick” off-screen as this is enough heartbreak for one post.

Don S. Davis, “Twin Peaks”


 The Headless Body in the Librarian’s Apartment Belongs to Major Briggs ☕☕☕☕☕ (Source: Reddit /u/billy_yllib11)

In Episode 2, we see what lies ominously underneath the bedspread of the missing librarian’s apartment, and it’s a shocker. Although the decapitated head belongs to the dead woman, there is a grotesquely contorted body detached underneath, one that comes from a unknown person. Later, we learn the forensics team has a match on the body, but they need military clearance to unlock its identity. Perhaps the kind of clearance that Major Briggs once had when he was working on top secret projects for the government?

Of course, if the decapitated body does in fact belong to Major Briggs, it would also contextualize the appearance of his disembodied head, which floated in space at the beginning of Episode 3. Finally, while Bobby tells Sheriff Truman and Hawk in Episode 4 that his father died in a fire, just like the Log Lady’s husband. But unlike Bobby, we’re already savvy to what fire really means in the town of Twin Peaks: the smell of scorched engine oil and a deadly intervention by someone from The Black Lodge — specifically Mr. C, who seems to be involved in the set-up of Principal Hastings.

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