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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’: 28 Thoughts We Had While Watching ABC’s Nutso New Trailer

Ramsay Bolton and a giant dog are the best things about ABC’s newest Marvel series.

Iwan Rheon, "Marvel's Inhumans"

Iwan Rheon, “Marvel’s Inhumans”


“Marvel’s Inhumans” is ABC’s next foray into the Marvel Universe, but it’s nothing like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” or “Agent Carter” (RIP!).

As the title indicates, the majority of the series features a species of beings that were created when aliens started genetic tinkering with the human race when they were just still a primitive species. These Inhumans procreated and developed their own society separate from homo sapiens over millennia, and in present day, they’re ruled by the Royal family, which is where the series comes in.

ABC released a brand-new trailer for “Inhumans” at Comic-Con on Thursday, and it’s all kinds of crazy. Take a look:

Here are the 28 thoughts we had while watching the trailer:

1. Marvel seriously let the “Iron Fist” showrunner take on another series?! This ought to be interesting.

2. Slo-mo rain and mud. This must be a dramatic scene.

3. “Everything is bigger”… in Texas? Well, that’s true for the food, parking lots and cockroaches. Oh, they meant in IMAX. Right. This will play on IMAX first.

4. These overhead rain shots are very pretty. We could see this on the big screen.

5. Ugh, why did the Asian have to be green?!

6. Wait. WHO’S A GOOD BOY?! Why did no one tell me there was a big dog in this?

"Marvel's Inhumans"

“Marvel’s Inhumans”


7. I’d hate to pick up after that pooch. No inside-out baggie would shield my hand enough.

8. But look at that smile!

9. In genetically superior beings you can have ombre hair and whatever that bisecting line is midway.

10. Why must alien clothes look so pointy?

11. It’s Maz Kanata! If she wore cheesecloth goggles.

12. Big dog is back! Maybe this show knows how to interest me after all. But why did he just smear away?

13. The trailer editor just couldn’t resist using Rag n Bone Man’s “Human” over this.

14. Oh, finally, Ramsay Bolton! And true to form, it appears that we’re not supposed to trust him entirely. I am down.

15. Wow. I thought the red wig looked ridiculous in the photo, but it’s worse on a moving, live person. I can’t see how that would not be constantly distracting. It looks faker than the giant dog.

16. Does chiseled jaw older brother even talk?

17. *Googles* Oh, I see he has a really powerful voice that kills. Like really bad halitosis.

18. Wait, there are two Asians in this? Yes! This one does martial arts of course.

19. Gotta admit that some of the fight scenes look pretty fun. That Iron Stomp guy must prefer escalators and roller blades.

20. That bastard Ramsay has followers.

21. The other Asian is also good for exposition. Apparently Ramsay’s name is Maximus.

22. Maximus sounds like an ancient Roman or gladiator name. Do the people in Attilan speak the same languages as we humans do?

23. Of course hunky older brother is friends with the dog.


25. Oh man, Ramsay, haven’t you learned not to mess with redheads yet?

26. Hmm, is that really a throne? This show is so “Game of Thrones” without even trying.

27. “You’re just a human.” WHAT?! Okay, them’s fighting words. We’re Team Maximus now. It’s on.

28. Maybe this show will be more fun than we thought.

The first two episode of “Marvel’s Inhumans” will be released in IMAX theaters for two week starting on Sept. 1 and then make their network debut on Friday, Sept. 29 on ABC.

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