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‘Twin Peaks’ Part 9 Theories: A Telling Time, Secret Texts, and When Audrey Horne Will Finally Return

Plus, thoughts on Briggs, the Horne Family men, and more.

Sherilyn Fenn, "Twin Peaks"

Sherilyn Fenn, “Twin Peaks”


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We’re back to how electricity seems to be the key for good and evil traveling. As Cooper in Dougie guise gazes at a flag and hears the strains of “America, the Beautiful” in his memory, he’s distracted by a lady who walks by wearing red pumps. As his eyes follow the flash of color, they rest upon an electrical outlet in the wall. Perhaps Cooper is recalling how he was reborn into this Dougie life and is seeing connections to other outlets we don’t know.

The Hornes of Plenty

Those red pumps seem awfully familiar. While red is David Lynch’s favorite color (and indeed, Laura Dern’s and Naomi Watts’ characters sport red flats in the episode as well), red pumps were also featured in the original series, when Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) wore them to school. So far this revival, we still don’t know where she is or even if she did give birth to an Evil Cooper hatechild. At this point, Lynch is teasing us mercilessly with these hints. What’s next? Knotted cherry stems? Regardless, information on how Audrey fits into the bigger picture, is way overdue. The images of the red pumps combined with the power outlet gives us hope that her reappearance will take place soon, in conjunction with what seems to be an imminent trip to (and out of) the Black Lodge.

Despite Audrey’s  current absence though, the Hornes have quickly become more and more prominent in the storytelling in Twin Peaks. While Ben (Richard Beymer) resists kissing his assistant, which prompts her to call him a “good man” (ha! I guess history is erased), his brother Jerry (David Patrick Kelly) is high as a floating Briggs head and hallucinates that his foot is speaking to him. Elsewhere in town, Ben’s son Johnny (Eric Rondell) escapes his caretaker, runs through the house and then crashes his head into the wall, which injures him and knocks down a framed photo of a waterfall.

Eric Rondell, "Twin Peaks"

The history of the Horne men and their mental stability is an intriguing one. In the original series, Audrey was blamed for Johnny’s condition of acting as if he were six after she had pushed him down the stairs in childhood. Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), however, claims that Johnny’s condition is a self-induced retreat to childhood as a result of an unknown emotional trauma. Furthermore, Ben had a mental breakdown in the original series – when he believed he was Gen. Robert E. Lee during the Civil War.

And while Jerry is clearly high in the forest and yanks his own foot, causing him to fall, we wonder if it could be something more. His appendage tells him, “I am not your foot,” repeatedly in a voice that sounds a lot like The Arm. Recall that The Arm was amputated from Philip Gerard (Al Strobel), who wanted to rid himself of the evil “Fire Walk With Me” tattoo. Maybe Jerry smokes weed in order to silence the voice or his other mental issues.

And we didn’t forget about Richard. He hasn’t been shown to be mentally unfit per se, but he’s definitely psychotic and is an avid cocaine user. We wouldn’t be surprised if he has some issues with reality. Regardless of what the supposed causes of all of these breaks are, as we’ve seen in the past, most issues stem from trauma, and especially the evil that blossomed when BOB came into being.

Lively Texting

Laura Dern, "Twin Peaks"

At one point, Evil Cooper sent the text, “Around the dinner table the conversation is lively,” to an unknown recipient, whom is later revealed to be Diane (Laura Dern). There are a few possibilities here. They both are in cahoots, but it’s doubtful she’s willingly is, given her visceral reaction to even speaking to him. He could be torturing her, reminding her of whatever happened on that horrible night since they did supposedly have dinner. We also like the idea of him perhaps planting a sleeper command in her that is triggered by this phrase. But what would her mission be?

What are some of your theories? Share them below.

“Twin Peaks” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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