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Sigourney Weaver Was the Best Dressed in ‘The Defenders’: 17 Ensembles, Ranked

There's no reason to not look fabulous while plotting to destroy a city.

Marvel's The Defenders

Sigourney Weaver in “Marvel’s The Defenders.”

Jessica Miglio/Netflix

However you might feel about “Marvel’s The Defenders” as a series, there’s one element of the series that’s completely uncontroversial. Not only is Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) impeccably dressed, but many of her ensembles go beyond simply striking to “I need to own that now.”

[Editor’s note: Minor spoilers for “The Defenders” follow.]

To spotlight just how incredible these outfits are, below is a complete ranking, from least fashionable to most fabulous, of Weaver’s wardrobe. One consistent factor across this list: Weaver makes being an immortal supervillain look amazing.

17. The Hospital Gown

We first meet Alexandra at her most vulnerable and defenseless, and the gown she dons for her medical exam reflects just that. While no one can make this look work, Weaver comes dangerously close to succeeding.

16. The Fur Vest

Not all that flattering, and better suited to lounging in a Swiss ski lodge than confronting superheroes in a Chinese restaurant.

15. Green Brocade, Grey Blazer

What’s underneath the blazer is great (look for it later), but the jacket weighs it down.

14. White Blouse, Grey Cardigan

This blouse (or a variation) appears three times on this list, but while its design is beautiful, this is the least-inspired of the jacket pairings.

13. The Floral Blouse

Only seen briefly, this top has a beautiful shape but the pattern (the only floral she wears over the course of the season) doesn’t work quite as well as more Alexandra-esque solids and bold patterns seen elsewhere.

12. All In White

Clean and simple, just the way Alexandra likes it.

11. A Relaxed Look for a Resurrection

Both tasteful and seemingly comfortable, allowing Alexandra to subdue the just-revived Elektra with ease — and also offer up some covering for her as well, thanks to that elegantly draped scarf. Hopefully this outfit washes well, as later in the scene Alexandra gets resurrection goop all over it.

10. That Fur Trim

Fur isn’t as timeless a look as some of these other ensembles, but the jacket pairs beautifully with Alexandra’s favorite white blouse.

9. Our Girl In Gold

The details on the blouse are a little fussy, but Weaver looks lovely in gold, and in general metallics suit her character on an instinctual level. It was hard to get a good shot of the skirt paired with this top, but the silver metallics of the front panel make for a nice contrast of textures.

8. Next Level Button-Down-ing

The way this scarf is draped over what might otherwise be an ordinary collared shirt gives us major fashion goals.

7. The Perfect Blouse for the Perfect Blazer

Beautifully tailored, this is a hell of a power look — perfect when confronting blind assassins who are about to chop off their own hands to escape.

6. Board Room Brocade

Beyond the way this outfit picks up on the metallic overtones of the conference room set design, it’s also striking in its simplicity, as well as the way in which it fits Weaver perfectly.

5. This Is Just the Best Top…

…especially after you get a look at those gold details on the sleeves. How can it be improved?

4. Add This Awesome Jacket!

Somehow these two different looks work perfectly together, the quilted green of the jacket blending nicely with the gold elements of the blouse. The jacket collar is also an aesthetic dream.

3. Simple, With Pearls

Deceptively understated, Alexandra’s cream-colored top and pants feature some lovely details, especially the trim around the neck. Though it’s a good thing Alexandra was wealthy and immortal — at this point, it’s pretty clear her dry-cleaning bills were insane.

2. The Best Dress

Tasteful, glamorous, and also still sexy, this dress is aspirational for women of any age. It’s a shame Alexandra had to cancel her original plans to go out, and wage war against New York instead.

1. That. Coat.

This coat might look like it’d be a little complicated to put on. But it’s a look that would make even Olivia Pope feel jealous, from any angle.

This coat does remind us, though, of an important final fact. Over the course of “The Defenders,” we only learned a little bit about Alexandra’s potential powers beyond the ordinary, except of course for this one: She was able to wear pure white in New York City, without a single smudge.

“The Defenders” is streaming now on Netflix. 

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