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‘Twin Peaks’: Breaking Down Cooper’s Possible Fates and How He’ll Return to Twin Peaks

David Lynch keeps viewers guessing, with only a few more installments to go.

Kyle MacLachlan, "Twin Peaks"

“Twin Peaks”


As “Twin Peaks” starts nearing its end, David Lynch has been kind enough to start giving the series a little bit of closure when it comes to the familiar characters in the town. The central mystery, however, is more baffling than ever, and the most recent question on everyone’s mind is the fate of Special Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).

In the last episode, Cooper is living his best Dougie life by digging into some chocolate cake when he catches on TV the portion of “Sunset Boulevard” that mentions Gordon Cole, which happens to be the same name as his old FBI Director pal, played by Lynch. Recognition spurs Cooper into action, and he sticks a fork into the electrical socket. Cut to outside of the house as the sounds of Dougie’s wife Janey-E (Naomi Watts) screaming within can be heard.

There appear to be three options here: Cooper died, he got hurt, or he got transported somewhere else. Let’s explore the possibilities:


Despite the death of the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson) in that same episode, it’s highly unlikely that Cooper has also perished, since he’s the protagonist of the show. Or, perhaps someone does die, but it’s not Cooper himself. Perhaps the original Dougie’s body comes back somehow just to die or be injured. The last time he appeared on the show, he had poofed into almost nothingness in the Red Room, leaving behind what appears to be a gold nugget. It seems unlikely that someone could go escape the Black Lodge this way though, so this doesn’t really wash.


It’s very possible that Cooper also just electrocuted himself and passed out and/or will need medical attention. The shock could either fully “wake” Cooper up or have not effect on his Dougie daze. If he indeed stays alive in Las Vegas, that could put him in harm’s way, since Evil Cooper had sent Hutch and Chantal (Tim Roth, Jennifer Jason Leigh) to kill somebody, probably Cooper. Then again, Mr. C himself just replied to a text with, “Las Vegas,” so that could mean he’s heading to Sin City himself, if he’s not already going to the coordinates that the Philip Jeffries teapot has given him.

Kyle MacLachlan and Eamon Farren, "Twin Peaks"

Kyle MacLachlan and Eamon Farren, “Twin Peaks”


Also, keep in mind that we assume Cooper is intended to head to Twin Peaks at some point, and there are only about three hours left in the series, and time seems to pass pretty slowly on the show. This option would require that he still leave immediately in order to converge on Twin Peaks.


Given the way the electricity has worked this season, the timing of everything as it happened feels far too purposeful. Hawk (Michael Horse) had explained that the fire symbol on his map could be interpreted as modern electricity, and that it had good or bad intent behind it. When it comes to Cooper, he’s enjoyed some positive electrical influence, such as when he was inspired to write on the insurance case files in a way that exposed Anthony Sinclair’s (Tom Sizemore) shady dealings. It stands to reason then that since the TV and electrical crackle happened in conjunction with each other, it could’ve made the electrical socket a prime means of transport via shock.

But where could Cooper go? The glass box has been dismantled by the FBI, so that’s out. He could head directly back to Twin Peaks to the Jack Rabbit’s Palace, which could save time and not have to deal with bothersome travel scenes. He could come out of the cigarette lighter that is in Mr.C’s vehicle (remember when that smoked, the last time Cooper had traveled via electricity?), which would be hilarious and scare Richard (Eamon Farren) to no end.

Nae Yuuki and Kyle MacLachlan, "Twin Peaks"

Nae Yuuki and Kyle MacLachlan, “Twin Peaks”


Probably the most intriguing option would be to send him back to the Purple Room, which seems to be a sort of in-between place. Perhaps he’d meet American Girl (Phoebe Augustine) or even “Mother” there. As for how he can get to Twin Peaks, he can either wait for 2:53 again to shuttle him off somewhere, or maybe he could mimic what Naido (Nae Yuuki) and throw the switch on top of the room and then fly off into space. The note that Major Briggs (Don S. Davis) left had listed Oct. 1 and 2 as dates to visit Jack Rabbit’s Palace, so perhaps Day 1 is to find Naido and Day 2 is to find Cooper. Time seems a little bit wonky in Twin Peaks, so Cooper could show up there. But would he also lose his clothes?

Whatever happens with Cooper in the upcoming Episode 16, surely many more theories will spring from it.

“Twin Peaks” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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