‘A Fantastic Woman’ Trailer: Chilean Drama Could Make Oscar History With First Trans Acting Nominee

There’s usually at least one foreign drama each year that finds itself capable of breaking out of the Best Foreign Language category and into the acting and picture races; think “Amour,” Two Days, One Night,” and “Elle,” which earned Isabelle Huppert her first Oscar nomination last year. Sony Pictures Classics was behind the successful campaign for “Elle,” and they might just have lighting strike again with “A Fantastic Woman.”

Sebastián Lelio’s drama stars trans actress Daniela Vega as Marina, a nightclub singer and waitress who loses the love her life and must contend with his disapproving family through the funeral process. Both Lelio and Vega earned rave reviews when the movie premiered at Berlin earlier this year. Lelio ended up winning the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay with co-writer Gonzalo Maza. Sony Pictures Classics will mount an Oscar campaign for Vega, which means she could become the first trans actor to ever receive an acting Oscar nomination.

“A Fantastic Woman” played at Telluride this weekend and will next stop at TIFF, where Lelio also has the lesbian romance “Disobedience” premiering. Sony Pictures Classics will open the film in theaters later this year.

Watch the first trailer below.