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‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 4 Guest Stars: A Visual Guide to Who Played Who in Hollywoo

From RuPaul to Rami Malek, here's a guide to the show's newly familiar voices.

BoJack Horseman Season 4

“BoJack Horseman”


[Editor’s note: The below contains major casting and minor plot spoilers for all of “BoJack Horseman” Season 4.]

The general rule with the “Hollywoo” satire “BoJack Horseman” is that you can assume any famous person mentioned by name is probably playing themselves. But beyond that, the show has a knack for lining up a fearsomely talented guest voice cast beyond its already stunning ensemble to play some of its most compelling roles, and Season 4 brought in an impressive array of new and semi-returning faces.

We’ve assembled the below guide to this year’s new characters, for that moment when you say to yourself “Wait, was that…?”

A few returning faces worth spotlighting

Katrina Peanutbutter, played by Lake Bell

Lake Bell

Lake Bell is always a treat as Katrina, and Season 4 gave her plenty to do.

Stefani Stilton, played by Kimiko Glenn

Kimiko Glenn

We barely met Stefani during Season 3, but Season 4 let her and her website Girl Croosh prove eerily accurate about the state of blogging today.

Jessica Biel, played by Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

“The fire wants not for justice! The fire only desires to be fed!”

Also playing themselves

Felicity Huffman, played by Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman

From “American Crime” to “Booty Academy”? There have been worse Hollywoo career moves.

Zach Braff, played by Zach Braff

Zach Braff

“I tried gay at theater camp!” Poor Zach Braff. Wish I Weren’t Here ’17, indeed.

Tim Gunn, played by Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn

Sitting next to Tim Gunn in this screenshot is also Sharc Jacobs, played by Marc Jacobs, whose fashion show Todd has just blundered into. But Tim Gunn is the more recognizable face.

iOvulate, voiced by Harvey Firestein

Harvey Fierstein

Every woman has times of the month when their lady parts sound like the “Hairspray” star.

Paul Giamatti, played by Paul Giamatti

Paul Giamatti

There is no doubt that Giamatti wins the Emmy for “American Dead Girl: The Sarah Lynn Story” next year.

Sir Mix-A-Lot, played by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot

The perfect judge, because he cannot lie.

David Chase, played by David Chase

David Chase

Apparently, before creating “The Sopranos,” David Chase paid his sitcom dues by creating “Mr. Peanutbutter’s House.”

Vincent D’Onofrio, played by Vincent D’Onofrio

Vincent D'onofrio

D’Onofrio got recast because he truly was too rad to be a dad.


Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack, played by Aparna Nancherla

Aparna Nancherla

Hollyhock was the emotional core of Season 4, and Aparna Nancherla — seen recently in “Crashing,” “Master of None,” and “Love” — brought her to life beautifully.

Woodchuck Couldchuck-Berkowitz, played by Andre Braugher

Andre Braugher

After four seasons of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” we know that Andre Braugher is hilarious. Seeing him in animated form just double-confirms it.

Crackerjack Sugarman, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The “Hamilton” star got to both sing and break our hearts as Beatrice’s tragic older brother.

Honey Sugarman, played by Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski

The “30 Rock” star’s voice was almost instantly recognizable, especially after she said “iced cream.”

Joseph Sugarman, played by Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick’s even tone truly sold the period-appropriate but truly horrific things he said to his daughter and wife.

Eddie, played by Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo

Seen recently in “The Birth of a Nation,” “The Knick,” and “Selma,” Colman Domingo had some great moments as a dragonfly who won’t fly.

Lion Musician, played by Keith David

Keith David

It’s almost shocking that Keith David hasn’t been heard on “BoJack” before — the man is a voice acting legend.

Courtney Portnoy, played by Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan

The brilliant writer was alarmingly believable as a vapid starlet.

Marcie, played by Kathy Najimy

Kathy Nanjimi

The former president of BoJack’s fan club has had an amazing career, going all the way back to the 1991 film “Soapdish.”

Tilda Madison, played by Archie Panjabi

Archie Panjabi

The Emmy winner played a very aloof cat — which, based on her performance on “The Good Wife,” almost feels like typecasting.

Lead Ant Soldier / Parrot / Phoebe, played by Ginger Gonzaga

Ginger Gonzaga

A lot of actors on “BoJack” play multiple roles, but Gonzaga managed three different supporting parts in one episode. She might be most familiar from recent work on “Togetherness” and “I’m Dying Up Here.”

Ant Queen, played by RuPaul Charles

RuPaul Charles


Miles, played by Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress

Whether or not he was a truly decent guy, Miles did seem to really like Hollyhock initially. And who better than the super-chill Buress to sell that?

Poppy and Mimi Stilton, played by Martin Short and Patti Lupone

Patti LuponeMartin Short

The parents of Ralph Stilton (Raul Esparza) might not have been cool with their son dating a cat, but they were voiced by the perfect representation of the upper class.

Ruthie, played by Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

The year 2121 (at least as seen through Princess Carolyn’s imagination) has its oddities, but Ruthie herself seems sweet, at least as voiced by “The Good Place” star.

Yolanda Buenaventura, played by Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales

The “Middleman” and “Grinder” star played the Better Business Bureau employee and new friend of Todd’s. (She’s the coolest.)

Flip McVicker, played by Rami Malek

Rami Malek

The “Mr. Robot” star played a writer who doesn’t trust email. There’s a crossover idea there, for sure.

“BoJack Horseman” Season 4 is streaming now on Netflix

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