Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Allegations Are Shocking, But What Happens Now? — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast (Screen Talk Episode 168)

While news began circulating earlier this week about a big report coming from the New York Times on sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, nobody was prepared for the staggering number of accusations in the eventual story. From Ashley Judd to coworkers, the accusers stories stretch back decades. Weinstein has apparently taken a step back from his company, and has decided to sue the Times, but this story will continue for quite some time. Where does that leave the embattled Weinstein Company and its slate of films? Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson discussed that at the top of this week’s Screen Talk, then turned their attention to movie news. This includes foreign language Oscar submissions, and the new rules that may have a big impact on this year’s race. Plus, more updates from NYFF.

Listen to the full episode below.


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