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Bill Burr Thinks Louis C.K ‘Will Definitely Be Back’ After Admitting to Sexual Misconduct

The comedian also weighs in on the fallout over Louis C.K. by asking, "Does the punishment fit the crime?"


Bill Burr weighed in on Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct during the November 13 episode of “Monday Morning Podcast,” saying that his fellow comedian’s actions were “100% wrong” and predicting that he’ll “be back” after owning up to his behavior. Burr did not necessarily defend C.K.’s actions, but he did show support for the disgraced comedian.

“It’s such a crazy time right now,” Burr said. “I love Louis C.K. and that was really obviously just a fucking hard thing to see happen to somebody. He was definitely 100% wrong. I’ll just say this: He was 100% wrong, he did own up to it, and I think he will definitely be back. I also knew a couple of the women that he did this shit to. I feel bad for everybody. It’s fucking terrible.”

Burr described his place in the scandal as being in a divorce “where you know both the mom and the dad and you have to pick a fucking side here.” He also slammed the “witch hunt” that took place following the allegations against C.K. Burr shares the same manager, Dave Becky, and he did not agree with media publications demanding Becky’s other clients drop him.

“I stand by my fucking manager,” Burr said. “I’m never firing the guy. I’ve been with this guy since 2006. Dave Becky is one of the great people I’ve met in this business. I wouldn’t be surprised if [the media goes] after Louis C.K.’s mailman saying, ‘If you’re delivering his mail you’re part of the problem.'”

Burr continued by questioning whether or not C.K. should be getting the same disgrace from the public as men who have been accused of such acts as rape. “It doesn’t make a difference if its sexual misconduct all the way to sexual assault/rape, you’re getting the exact same level of punishment,” he said of the allegations and the fallout taking place in Hollywood. “That’s only my question out of all of this. He was definitely wrong, obviously. But does the punishment match the crime?”

Burr then shared examples of sexual misconduct that he’s had to deal with from middle-aged women, gay men, and more. “I don’t know how many podcasts I would have to do to tell you all the stories of sexual misconduct with just women as a stand-up comedian who used to go out after his shows selling his posters and taking pictures,” Burr said. “It was always these middle aged fucking women, couple glasses of red wine, they’d come at you with their va-va-va-voom energy and you’d be like, ‘Oh no, here we go.'”

“I’ll tell you this,” he continued, “if you’re going to go out and meet a crowd afterwards, when middle-aged women—you can tell they’ve had too much wine beyond the fact they’re sort of teetering on their high heel shoes with their old feet sticking out of them—just look for the grey teeth and a little bit too much makeup, they have the girls out a little bit, just fucking watch yourself. That’s the old cheerleader who is not aging well and is freaking out that guys don’t find her attractive anymore, and they’re going to come up to you. Cover your junk, that’s all I’m going to say.”

You can listen to all of Burr’s thoughts on Louis C.K. and sexual misconduct in the video below.

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