‘Mindhunter: The Musical’ Brings David Fincher to Broadway — Watch

Jonathan Groff may be a fresh face to David Fincher fans (those who didn’t watch “Looking”), but Broadway fans have been following his career since 2006’s “Spring Awakening,” the Duncan Sheik musical that also launched the careers of Lea Michele (“Glee”) and John Gallagher, Jr. (“The Newsroom”). Groff plays FBI Agent Hold Ford in the period crime drama, who uses criminal psychology methods to get inside the heads of some seriously deranged serial killers. Not exactly the stuff of a toe-tapping musical, but Broadway-lover Stephen Colbert certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to harmonize with Groff’s dulcet tenor.

Groff and Colbert may have been singing to “The Late Show” audience, but they were serenading each other during the debut of “Mindhunter: The Musical.” Groff explained that following his illustrious film and television career, Fincher “talked a lot about his desire to break into…musical theater.” Though the musical is in “early workshop stages,” Groff and Colbert graciously launched into a beautiful ballad. Groff dedicated the song to Fincher.

“They call me the mindhunter, the murderer confronter, I hunt the minds of men who won’t atone,” Groff opens. “But way down deep within me, though killers want to skin me, the mind I’m really hunting is my own.”

“Mindhunter: The Musical” starts at the five-minute mark below: