Quentin Tarantino Pitches ‘Star Trek’ Idea to Direct, As J.J. Abrams Plans Writers Room

Once Quentin Tarantino is done with the 1960s, he may next head to space — specifically, the “Star Trek” universe, for a feature film potentially produced by J.J. Abrams.

Deadline is reporting that Tarantino came up with “a great idea” for a potential “Trek” film which he then pitched to Abrams. The potential plan is for Tarantino and a group of writers to develop the idea, resulting in a script that Tarantino may direct.

Abrams is of course also busy with another space-set franchise, “Star Wars Episode IX.” But his involvement would suggest that the Tarantino film would take place in what fans know as “the Kelvin-verse” and others know as “the ‘Star Trek’ movies that star Chris Pine instead of William Shatner,” though there’s no guarantee. How this might connect to the plans that are already underway for a fourth “Star Trek” Kelvin-verse film (which made news last January with the reveal that it would include the return of Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, James Kirk’s father) is unclear.

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This would be something different for Tarantino, who has written nearly every project he’s ever directed, barring the occasional episode of television and segments of the first “Sin City” movie (which he contributed to uncredited).

Paramount and Tarantino have yet to comment on this story, but get ready for a lot of fun speculation about what a Tarantino take on “Star Trek” would look like. Will Samuel L. Jackson play a Klingon or a Starfleet Admiral? Will we hear the (second-ever) F-bombs ever uttered on a Starfleet vessel? One safe bet: All phasers will be set to kill.