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‘Black Mirror’ Easter Eggs: How All the Episodes Connect in Charlie Brooker’s Dark Universe

From white bears to white rats, here’s an ongoing list of all the references so far.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs


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Connection to: “The National Anthem”
– In Lacie’s social media feed, one of the top trending posts is by Michael Callow, the PM who was forced to have pig intercourse. The post: “Just got thrown out of the zoo again :(“
– The sci-fi show “Sea of Tranquility” was first referenced in “The National Anthem.”

"Black Mirror" tweet


Connection to: “Fifteen Million Merits”
– Hannah John-Kamen, who played Selma originally in Season 1, is back but playing a different character, Sonja.

Connection to: “White Bear”
– In the initial testing room, the White Bear symbol can be seen in the case on the table and over one of the virtual gopher holes.

Connection to: “San Junipero”
– At the top of EDGE magazine is the headline, “Insider TCKR: Turning Nostalgia Into A Game.” TCKR created the world of San Junipero.

"Black Mirror" magazine

Connection to: “Hated in the Nation”
– On the magazine cover featuring Saito CEO Shou Saito, in the lower left-hand corner is a reference to the company Granular, which makes the robotic bees that causes havoc in the season’s final episode.

“Shut Up and Dance”

Connection to: “The National Anthem”
– On the computer’s screen, a news headline reads, “PM Callow to Divorce,” while a tweet in the top scroll reiterates the news, “Michael Callow is getting divorced.”

Connection to: “Fifteen Million Merits”
– On the computer’s screen, a news scroll announces the premiere of a talent show called “15 Million Merits.”

Connection to: “White Bear”
– On the computer’s screen, a new headline reads, “Victoria Skillane Trial Latest.”

"Black Mirror"

Connection to: “White Christmas”
– On the computer’s screen, an ad reads, “ONE SMART COOKIE? Click to witness the kitchen tech of tomorrow.”

Connection to: “Playtest”
– Kenny robs National Allied, the same bank whose ATM Cooper uses.

“San Junipero”

– No references to other episodes found so far, but Collins pointed out one self-referential Easter egg:

“If you go watch ‘San Junipero’ and you see the place at the end, it’s the lab of TCKR, the same company where all the people are harvested or kept,” he said. “That name is also Tucker’s, the nightclub in San Junipero.”

"Black Mirror"

“Men Against Fire”

Connection to: “Fifteen Million Merits”
– Wow, Brooker must love the song, “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand),” which is sung this time by “Hunter” Raiman (Madeline Brewer).

“Hated in the Nation”

Connection to: “The National Anthem”
– One of the trending topics on Twitter is PM Michael Callow.

Connection to: “The Entire History of You”
– Might be a stretch, but Granular, the company that makes the bees, sounds like it could also make the “grains” that are implanted in Liam, etc. to record their lives.

Connection to: “White Bear”
– Blue Coulson had to leave the force after working on the Ian Rannoch case. He was Victoria Skillane’s boyfriend who was convicted of killing the girl, and who subsequently took his own life in jail.
– The #DeathTo hashtag on Twitter is used in reference to Victoria Skillane.
– One of the trending topics on Twitter is “FreeTheWhiteBearOne
– A news crawl on TV reads, “Victoria Skillane in jail cell suicide attempt.”

"Black Mirror" Waldo sticker

Connection to: “The Waldo Moment”
– A Waldo sticker is seen on the laptop of Clara Meades, the bees’ next target.

Connection to: “White Christmas”
– The news crawl on TV reads, “ECHR rules ‘cookies’ have human rights.”

Connection to: “Playtest”
– A news crawl on TV reads, “Saitogemu team investigated over tourist disappearance.”
– #Saitogemu is a trending topic on Jo Powers’ computer after her death.
– A news crawl on TV reads, “Shou Saito announces immersive new gaming system.”
– Another news crawl reads, “Saito unveils Harlech Shadow VI.” The original game was mentioned by Sonja in “Playtest,” and a poster for the game was also seen in the waiting area before Cooper got experimented on.
– Later, one of the trending topics on Twitter is Harlech Shadow V.

"Black Mirror" news crawl

Connection to: “Men Against Fire”
– #MASS is a trending topic on Jo Powers’ computer after her death.
– The news crawl on TV reads, “US military announces MASS project,” which was what allowed the soldiers to view the enemy as non-human.

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