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‘Black Mirror’ Easter Eggs: How All the Episodes Connect in Charlie Brooker’s Dark Universe

From white bears to white rats, here’s an ongoing list of all the references so far.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs


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“USS Callister”

Connection to: “White Bear”
– The planet where Valdack escapes to is Rannoch B, a reference to Iain Rannoch, the boyfriend who killed the girl, was convicted, and subsequently killed himself in prison. (Rannoch also happens to be the name of a planet in Mass Effect.)
– The planet where Daly and Cole go swimming is Skillane IV, a reference to Victoria Skillane, who aided her boyfriend in killing the young girl.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Connection to: “Nosedive”
– Michaela Coel had played the airline employee who wouldn’t allow Lacie on the plane. Here, she plays Shania, aka the Uhura on the USS Callister.

Connection to: “Playtest”
– The same swiping dating app is used by the receptionist Elena (Milanka Brooks).

Connection to: “Men Against Fire”
– Robert Daly drinks from the Raiman brand of milk. Raiman was the name of one of the soldiers in the MASS project.

Unconnected Easter egg:
– The voice of Gamer691 was provided by Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame. For more about the episode, see below.


"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Connection to: “The Entire History of You”
– The Arkangel user interface of a circular set of images to represent the visual memories is very similar to the UI from the grain implant.

Connection to: “Men Against Fire”
– A clip of Raiman firing on the “Roaches” is played to demonstrate how the Arkangel can censor the content by “painting” it out.


"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Connection to: “Fifteen Million Merits”
– The hotel’s porn offerings include “Best of Wraith Babes,” which is a reference to the show that Abi Khan is tricked into performing on.
– The song “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)” can be heard once again, this time from a car during the accident with the pizza truck. The music is used as a prompt to jog the various witnesses’ memories.

Connection to: “USS Callister”
– Fences Pizza is the company that hit the guy with its pizza truck and also is the company that delivers pizza to Robert Daly.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

“Hang the DJ”

Connection to: “San Junipero”
– The Smiths’ song “Panic” (which includes the lyrics “hang the DJ”) was on Charlie Brokers’ extended playlist of songs that he felt fit into the world of “San Juniper,” but wasn’t able to use for one reason or another.


Connection to: “White Bear”
– It turns out that Bella and the team were trying to retrieve a teddy bear before they were beset by dogs. Because of the black and white color palette, the bears look white, which could be a reference to the toy white bear from “White Bear.”

Connection to: “Crocodile”
– Bella has a penchant for eating peppermint candies, which is the same for “Crocodile’s” insurance investigator who looks into the pizza truck accident.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

“Black Museum”

Connection to: “The National Anthem”
– The man who had kidnapped the princess to blackmail the Prime Minister later hanged himself. An image of his body (presumably a dummy with his clothes) can be seen as part of the exhibit.

Connection to: “Fifteen Million Merits”
– In the story that Rolo tells about Jack (Aldis Hodge) uploading the consciousness of his wife Carrie (Alexandra Roach) into his brain and later into a stuffed monkey, Jack is seen reading the graphic novel “15 Million Merits.”

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Connection to: “Be Right Back”
– The power-up station next to the Black Museum is named BRB Connect, with “BRB” being a common acronym meaning “be right back” in online chat or texting.

Connection to: “White Bear”
– In the museum exhibit, one artifact is a “White Bear” hunters outfit with other details of the case and a video of Victoria Skillane.

Connection to: “White Christmas”
– Rolo describes how his company developed the early version of the cookie, which is an uploaded consciousness.

Connection to: “Shut Up and Dance”
"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

– The two white lab rats that helped develop the first neural transmitter are named Kenny and Hector, who were two of the main blackmailed people from “Shut Up and Dance” played by Jerome Flynn as Hector, a man who almost cheated on his wife, and Alex Lawther as Kenny, a teenager who was caught masturbating.

Connection to: “San Junipero”
– The research company that made the experimental neural transmitter/symphatic diagnoser is TCKR, which created San Junipero.
– A reference is made to how “they upload old people to the cloud.”
– In the hospital where Dr. Dawson (Daniel Lapping) works, one of the wards is named the Saint Juniper Ward, which pre-dates San Junipero. (Also note Erica McEwan is now a doctor on the same directory.)

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Connection to: “Hated in the Nation”
– Another artifact is a robotic bee that killed as a result of the #DeathTo hashtag.

Connection to: “USS Callister”
– Another artifact is Robert Daly’s DNA scanning machine and the red lollipop with Tommy’s DNA on it.
– In the monkey story, Jack eats anchovies to punish his wife Carrie’s consciousness. While the fridge is open, we see Raiman’s Milk, the same brand that Robert Daly likes to drink (and named after a character from “Men Against Fire.”

Connection to: “Arkangel”
– Another artifact is the Arkangel monitoring/censoring device that has a cracked screen.

Connection to: “Crocodile”
– Another artifact is the bloodied bathtub where the insurance claim investigator’s husband is killed.

"Black Mirror" Easter eggs

Black Mirror” Seasons 1-4 are now available to stream on Netflix.

Additional reporting by Steve Greene.

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