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7 New Netflix Shows to Binge in November, and the Best Reasons to Watch

Robin Wright takes over "House of Cards" and Michael Peña comes to "Narcos," only on Netflix this November.

Narcos: Mexico Michael Pena Netflix

Michael Pena in “Narcos: Mexico”

Carlos Somonte/Netflix

1. “House of Cards” Season 6 (available November 2)

Why Should I Watch? It’s the end, and not just for the show. Though not technically the first, “House of Cards” marked the beginning of Netflix’s originals onslaught. With its antihero lead and award-winning film director at the helm (David Fincher), the Underwoods’ journey embodied many characteristics that came to define TV’s golden age. But things have changed in the last six years. Antiheroes are on the outs. TV creators are as in demand as their film brethren, if not more so. And now, in its final season, “House of Cards” is shorter, female-focused (at least, ostensibly), and trying to be as relevant to today’s TV as its first season once was to its era. Plus, don’t you kind of just want to see how it ends?

Bonus Reason: Patricia Clarkson. Anyone who’s stayed current with “House of Cards” already knows the “Sharp Objects” star plays a special part in the closing episodes. Based on screen time, it’s a small role, but Clarkson fully embodies the old Stanislavski saying: “There are no small parts, only small actors.” And she’s anything but. Enjoy.

2. “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet” (available November 22)

'Mystery Science Theater 3000' starring Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Mary Jo Pehl, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn, Rebecca Hanson, Tim Blaney, Elliot Kalan. Directed by Joel Hodgson & Rob Schrab. Photo by Darren Michaels, SMPSP

“Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet”

Photo by Darren Michaels, SMPSP

Why Should I Watch? If you’re not a member of Generation Z, nostalgia is a viable reason to come back to a good show. If you are a bit younger, then all you need is a love of movies to appreciate these comedians lovingly taking old B-movies to task. In case you’re unfamiliar with the cult favorite, or its Netflix update, Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) has been imprisoned by mad scientists and forced to watch bad movies in order to drive him crazy. But Jonah built a few bots to help him stay sane: Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. Though most of the show takes place in a theater watching the three of them mock the goofy films, they do take breaks to perform sketches…

Bonus Reason: These “host segments” are how the series has brought in fun guest stars, including the above-pictured Patton Oswalt. And who doesn’t want to watch Patton Oswalt talk movies onboard a spaceship? Who wouldn’t want to watch him talk movies anywhere? So go ahead and indulge.

3. “F Is For Family” Season 3 (available November 30)

F Is For Family Season 3 Netflix

“F Is For Family”


Why Should I Watch? When Netflix takes comedies seriously, they typically thrive. Be it the existential ambition within “BoJack Horseman” or the teenage empathy driving “Big Mouth,” many of the service’s original animated offerings strike a chord when they’re allowed to venture into territory often reserved for hourlong dramas. “F Is For Family” hit its stride in Season 2, moving beyond a comedy making light of horrific childhood moments and becoming a drama depicting how pain can be transferred from husband to wife, father to son, and so on and so forth. Bill Burr’s ’70s family series is so dark it can be alienating, even taxing, if you head in looking for lots of light laughs. But if you approach the half-hour episodes on their own terms, there’s a rich story of generations here.

Bonus Reason: Vince Vaughn is joining Season 3! That’s right, the former “Wild West Comedy Show” host and executive producer on “F Is For Family” is joining the cast as a fighter pilot who takes Frank (Burr) for quite a ride. Hopefully his presence can push the series past the tipping point and into a wider cultural conversation.

4. “The Kominsky Method” (available November 16)

The Kominsky Method Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas Netflix

Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in “The Kominsky Method”

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Why Should I Watch? After striking out with Netflix on the multi-cam series “Disjointed,” Chuck Lorre is trusting his heart (and Michael Douglas) to find success in the single-camera format. The legendary producer’s second at-bat with streaming is more in the vein of “Young Sheldon” than “The Big Bang Theory” and feels like a personal story for an aging Hollywood giant. Sandy Kominsky (Douglas) is trying to make the most of his later years, despite living in a town that values youth and beauty over age and experience. With as much poignancy as anything Lorre has done, “The Kominsky Method” is an eight-episode half-hour series that could prove too semi-autobiographical. After all, if this aging giant can create a hit show on the kids’ favorite “network,” it would be hard to argue against his status as an all-time elite TV producer — to the end.

Bonus Reason: Um, how’s Alan Arkin for a bonus reason? Playing Sandy’s longtime friend and agent, the Oscar winner makes two Academy Award recipients leading this ambitious new comedy. And it’s pretty hard to pass that up.

5. “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (available November 13)

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Netflix Season 1

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”


Why Should I Watch? Netflix is bringing back the ’80s — again! Following the apparent success of “Castlevania” (and the wild popularity of “Stranger Things”), the streaming giant is time traveling once more, this time resurrecting “She-Ra: Princess of Power” as “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.” That’s right! You’re no longer just celebrating one mythical warrior princess (with the most badass hero name ever), there are princesses this time. Ra ra, indeed.

Bonus Reason: For those unfamiliar with the original “He-Man” spinoff, know that this new series tells the epic story of an orphan named Adora, who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde when she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into the warrior princess She-Ra. Along the way, she finds a new family in the Rebellion as she unites a group of magical princesses in the ultimate fight against evil. Oh, I’m sorry. Was that more of a synopsis than a hard-and-fast reason? Well, just focus on the “warrior princesses” and “ultimate fight against evil” parts, and you should have more than enough motivation to try this Dreamworks adventure out.

6. “The Final Table” (available November 20)

The Final Table Netflix Season 1

“The Final Table”

Adam Rose/Netflix

Why Should I Watch? After finding enormous critical success with food shows like “Chef’s Table” and “Salt Fat Acid Heat,” Netflix is aiming to move past artistic docuseries and into the reality competition genre. “The Final Table” is the network’s answer to “Chef’s Table,” a global culinary competition show featuring the world’s most talented chefs fighting for a spot at the elite “Final Table,” made up of the greatest chefs from around the globe. (No, I do not know what benefits come with being a member of the “Final Table,” but I assume there are some pretty good potlucks.) The series features 12 teams of two chefs from around the world cooking the national dishes of Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Japan, the U.S., India, and Italy. Each episode focuses on a different country and its cuisine, with celebrity ambassadors, food critics, and the country’s greatest chefs eliminating teams until the finale. 

Bonus Reason: I mean, yum? As an outsider when it comes to food shows, I can only imagine some of the allure is finding tasty new dishes to try out at home, and given how many recipes are being cooked up among these 12 teams, there has to be a few good ideas that even amateur chefs can tackle.

7. “Narcos: Mexico” (available November 16)

Narcos: Mexico Michael Pena Netflix

Michael Pena in “Narcos: Mexico”

Carlos Somonte/Netflix

Why Should I Watch? If you’re a “Narcos” fan this is easy: Keep watching. This may be an origin story for today’s drug war instead of an examination of Pablo Escobar, but “Narcos” writer and executive producer José Padilha is still on board, as is Eric Newman, who has taken on showrunning duties. There’s still drug trafficking, growers, dealers, cartels, a quest to build an empire, and a cop who wants to put an end to it all. “Narcos: Mexico” looks to carry all of the attitude, style, and subject matter fans grew to love while building a fresh story for new, prospective viewers. And speaking of…

Bonus Reason: If you’re not a “Narcos” fan, I have it on good authority from multiple sources that “Narcos: Mexico” is an effective diversion from the original series and a standalone story you can just get right into and enjoy. Plus, you know, Michael Peña is in it. And Michael Peña is good.

The Rest of Incoming TV

“Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles” Part 1 (available November 1)
“Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” Season 4 (available November 2)
“Homecoming” Season 1 (available November 5) [Editor’s Note: This is not the Julia Roberts-starring original series from Sam Esmail, which is an Amazon original series, and thus exclusive to that streaming service.]
“John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons” (available November 5)
“Beat Bugs” Season 3 (available November 9)
“Spirit Riding Free” Season 7 (available November 9)
“The Great British Baking Show” Collection 6 (available November 9)
“Treehouse Detectives” Season 2 (available November 9)
“Ponysitters Club” Season 2 (available November 16)
“The Last Kingdom” Season 3 (available November 19)
“Frontier” Season 3 (available November 23)
“Sick Note” Season 1 and 2 (available November 23)
“To Build or Not to Build” Season 2 (available November 23)
“Pocoyo” Season 4 (available November 29)
“Spy Kids: Mission Critical” Season 2 (available November 30)

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