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‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’: All the Easter Eggs in Every Timeline and the Tuckersoft Website

From the therapist's name to the dad's cigarettes, here are details you might have missed.

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”


”Nosedive” references:

  • While the Season 3 episode is a commentary on the ups and downs of social media validation, the creatively spelled video game tribute is much more literal. “Nohzdyve” is the new Colin Ritman video game that he demonstrates to Stefan in the Tuckersoft offices. In it, the player is dives out of a building and captures eyeballs while avoiding snapping dentures on the way down. In one storyline, either Stefan or Colin takes a nosedive off of a balcony.

References from the Tuckersoft website:

  • As IndieWire previously reported, you can play a simulation of Colin Ritman’s actual game after downloading it from Tuckersoft.
  • On the bottom of the “Metl Hedd” page, there’s an ad for the social media app Rate Me. By clicking through, one can participate in an online version of the app by entering a social media handle to see how many stars they’re worth.

”San Junipero” references:

  • Stefan is meeting with Tuckersoft, owned by a man named Mohan Thakur (Asim Chaudhry). This is likely the early stages of the company TCKR in “San Junipero” that allows a person to upload their consciousness digitally in order to live in a virtual world. There’s also a virtual hangout there called “Tucker’s.” If this is the origin story, that may explain the emphasis on the ’80s-themed reality seen in the Emmy-winning episode.
  • The medical facility where Stefan speaks to a therapist is named Saint Juniper’s Medical Practice, which is the likely inspiration for the virtual reality realm of San Junipero. Also, in Season 4’s “Black Museum,” one of the stories is set at the Saint Juniper hospital.

”Men Against Fire” references:

References from the Tuckersoft website:

  • In “Men Against Fire,” an implant called MASS is used to make soldiers see their human enemies as giant roaches, thus making them easier to kill. The Tuckersoft site features a game called “Roachbusters” with a description that reads, “You are responsible for the wellbeing of mankind. You must protect everyone. Kill the Roaches and collect the stars.”

”Hated in the Nation” references:

  • In the Pearl Ritman ending, the news crawl reads, “Granular to Unveil Prototype ‘Pollinator Drone,’” referring to the bees that caused such tragedy.

”USS Callister” references:

  • In the Pearl Ritman ending, the news crawl reads, “Cast of ‘Space Fleet’ Reunite at Emmys.” This refers to the faux “Star Trek”-like show that programmer Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons) was obsessed with and created a simulation of.
  • In the old newspaper article, the ad reads “‘Space Fleet’: The long-awaited third chapter of ‘Space Fleet’ has been aired. The popular sci-fi TV show continues to win over viewers.”

References from the Tuckersoft website:

  • Wow, “USS Callister” gets two games referencing the episode. Rannoch B is the name of a planet, which in turn is a reference to Iain Rannoch (Nick Ofield), who was imprisoned for killing a young girl in “White Bear.” The description of the Tuckersoft game “Terror on Rannoch B” isn’t quite as themed as the other games, since it wouldn’t really be good to have a game about killing children.
  • The “Valdak’s Revenge” game refers to the “Space Fleet” villain that Captain Robert Daly hunts. The description also name-checks his crew.

”Crocodile” references:

  • In the Pearl Ritman ending, the news crawl reads, “UK Police Test Groundbreaking Memory Recall Device.” This sounds similar to the little machine used to help people visualize their memories onto a screen in “Crocodile.”

”Hang the DJ” references:

  • In the Pearl Pitman ending, the newspaper clipping includes an ad for a “Futuristic love machine being developed by BRB software. The developers hope to connect people with their perfect match.” This sounds like Coach, the handheld device that daters use to guide them to who they’ll date and for how long, all in the interests of getting to The One.

References from the Tuckersoft website:

  • At the bottom of the “Metl Hedd” game page, there’s an ad for Coach. Clicking through takes readers to the Coach dating app where a unique link shared by your partner can be used to predict the expiration date of your relationship. Great for Valentine’s Day coming up.

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