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7 New Netflix Shows to Binge in April, and the Best Reasons to Watch

Netflix plays the imitation game in April, offering new series inspired by past successes, but there's at least one original "Special" in the lot.

Blue sharks have an incredible sense of smell than enables them to sniff out food in the open ocean desert.  They roam great distances across the high seas searching for ephemeral sources of food.  Off Cornwall, SW England

“Our Planet”

Oliver Scholey / Silverback/Netflix

5. “New Girl” Season 7 (available April 10)

NEW GIRL: L-R: Lamorne Morris, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson in "Engram Pattersky," the second part of the special one-hour series finale episode of NEW GIRL, airing Tuesday, May 15 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

“New Girl”

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Why Should I Watch? You can’t not finish “New Girl.” After caving each season for six years, be it through other streaming platforms or even via its original network telecasts on Fox, there’s only one eight-episode stretch left. And it’s pretty good! For all the ups and downs over the years, Elizabeth Meriwether’s wannabe “Friends” successor finds a consistent stride in Season 7. There’s a time jump that advances the story to a good place. Schmidt grows a mustache and, somehow, makes it work. There’s even a great twist to end it! So go ahead. Cap off the surprisingly rewatchable sitcom without fear — it all works out pretty well in the end.

Bonus Reason: Max Greenfield. There’s always been one great reason to keep up with “New Girl,” and it’s the same great reason to finish it. Greenfield’s Schmidt is an iconic creation worth appreciating for every second of his vibrant onscreen life. He gets more than a few more moments to shine in the final season, so don’t miss ’em.

6. “You vs. Wild” Season 1 (available April 10)

You vs. Wild Netflix Season 1

“You vs. Wild”

Courtesy of Netflix

Why Should I Watch? In Netflix’s latest attempt to shift the blame for bad endings off its creators and onto the audience, “You vs. Wild” is an interactive survival show where you get to make the life or death decisions. In each of the eight episodes, exploring various remote locations around the world, “You vs. Wild” uses a branching narrative with multiple choice options for what Bear Grylls should do next. If he’s got to cross a frozen lake, should he walk or crawl? If he needs to get from point A to point B, should he climb the mountain or swim through the river? It’s your call, so if you don’t like where you end up, well, that’s on you.

Bonus Reason: Honestly, one of the most intriguing aspects of this (along with the “Black Mirror” interactive experiment, “Bandersnatch”) is getting to experiment with developing technology. How well does this work as a storytelling experience? How easy is it to see what happens when you choose either options? How many endings are there, and how did the production team go about filming the results of each possible choice? Maybe you really want to be a wilderness survivor-by-proxy, or maybe you just want to see how well this burgeoning tech clicks.

7. “Street Food” (available April 26)

Wasabi langoustine by Chef Tim Raue, “Chef’s Table”


Why Should I Watch? Like “Chef’s Table,” but… dirtier? OK! David Gelb’s tentpole food franchise has done wonders for Netflix, depicting heartbreaking and inspiring stories about food and its chefs through gorgeous cinematography. Now, his producers are taking it to the streets — literally. “Street Food” will focus on various street food cultures from around the world, visiting nine countries across Asia and highlighting what kind of perseverance and adoration is required to sustain this kind of cuisine in each country. Not much else is known about how it’s shot and in what style, but these folks have proven they know how to find great stories and give them their due. Let’s see what this looks like, from the ground up.

Bonus Reason: You are hungry, you’re probably not eating anything that great, and this will give you a better idea what to snack on. That may sound like a lame reason to watch TV, but it’s one of the few immediate, tangible benefits a show can provide. So step up your food game, step up your life, step up… 2 the streets.

The Rest of Incoming TV

“Chambers” (available in April)
“Ultraman” (available now)
“Persona: Collection” (available now)
“Roman Empire: Caligula, The Mad Emperor” (available now)
“Spirit Riding Free” Season 8 (available now)
“Tijuana” Season 1 (available now)
“Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” Season 6 (available April 9)
“Black Summer” Season 1 (available April 11)
“Huge in France” (available April 12)
“Mighty Little Bheem” (available April 12)
“Luis Miguel – The Series” Season 1 (available April 15)
“No Good Nick” (available April 15)
“Super Monsters Furever Friends” (available April 15)
“My First First Love” (available April 18)
“Brené Brown: The Call to Courage” (available April 19)
“Cuckoo” Season 5 (available April 19)
“Samantha!” Season 2 (available April 19)
“Rilakkuma and Kaoru” Season 1 (available April 19)
“Grass is Greener” (available April 20)
“Pinky Malkinky” Part 2 (available April 22)
“Selection Day” New Episodes (available April 22)
“Bonding” Season 1 (available April 24)
“The Protector” Season 2 (available April 26)
“ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads” (available April 26)
“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” Season 2 (available April 26)
“Yankee” Season 1 (available April 26)
“Senora Acero” Season 5 (available April 28)
“Baki” Part 2 (available April 30)
“Ingress: The Animation” (available April 30)

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