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Sorry, Walder — Arya Is Still the Most Popular ‘Game of Thrones’ Baby Name

Khaleesi and Yara are popular as well.

Maisie Williams, "Game of Thrones"

Maisie Williams, “Game of Thrones”


2,545 girls have a name, and it’s Arya. That’s according to Social Security data on last year’s baby names, which continues the trend of new parents naming their children after “Game of Thrones” characters. And though everyone’s favorite knife-wielding daughter of Winterfell was once again the show’s most popular namesake, other inhabitants of Westeros had a good showing as well: 516 girls named Khaleesi were born last year (as were, somewhat distressingly, 19 Caleesis, 14 Khaleesias, and five Khaleesies) in addition to 434 Yaras, 319 Lyannas, 125 Shaes, and 102 Renlys.

But wait, there’s more! 2018 also introduced the world to 58 Tyrions, 33 Briennes, 30 Jorahs, 29 Sansas, 21 Catelyns, 17 Ellarias, 15 Oberyns, 14 Theons, and 11 Gregors whom one hopes weren’t actually named after the Mountain. (His track record with children isn’t exactly great.) The numbers were crunched by NBC News Data Editor Joe Murphy, whose full list follows:

Arya: 2,545

Khaleesi: 560

Yara: 434

Lyanna: 319

Shae: 125

Renly: 102

Jory: 72

Tyrion: 58

Brienne: 33

Jorah: 30

Sansa: 29

Catelyn: 21

Ellaria: 17

Oberyn: 15

Nymeria: 15

Ramsay: 15

Theon: 14

Aerys: 14

Gregor: 11

Shireen: 11

Talisa: 11

Sandor: 10

Khal: 9

Olenna: 9

Rennick: 9

Daenarys: 8

Bran: 8

Beric: 8

Brynden: 8

Myranda: 8

Bronn: 7

Samwell: 7

Myrcella: 6

Aegon: 6

Benjen: 6

Ghita: 6

Martyn: 6

Meryn: 6

“Game of Thrones” names aren’t just popular in America. On the other side of the pond, 343 Aryas were born in 2017, followed by 73 Khaleesis and 11 Tyrions.

The massively popular HBO drama is currently in its eighth and final season, with the series finale airing one week from tomorrow and many questions yet to be answered.

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