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Billy Eichner’s ‘Bros’ Almost Included a $30,000 ‘Butt Rig’ Sex Toy for Cut Rim Job Scene

A focus group member compared the cut rim job sequence to a "Jackass" stunt.

Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane in "Bros"


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Sure, Harry Styles may know that queer sex is “tender” but Billy Eichner’s “Bros” didn’t want to hold back on the hilarity of sex toys.

Billy Eichner’s “Bros” made history as the first big-budget gay rom-com studio film with an entirely queer cast, and of course the gay sex scene had to be equally as ground (bed?) breaking. Bobby (Eichner) and love interest Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) explore their sexual quirks in a scene that includes “physical comedy” like Macfarlane’s “entire fist” in Eichner’s mouth.

“Sex can be funny, awkward, silly, and absurd, but also romantic and sweet, but it also serves the story, because the sex that these guys have, it evolves over the course of the movie as their relationship becomes more intimate and vulnerable,” Eichner told Entertainment Weekly. “Both of these guys are trying so hard to be strong at the beginning of the movie, and I say at the end of the movie that I’m sick of being angry and I’m sick of being strong, and we watch that story unfold — sex is part of that.”

Yet one scene within the sequence that was cut involved a “$30,000 butt rig” that director Nicholas Stoller confirmed Macfarlane “goes down on.” Macfarlane attempted to put the whole rig in his mouth while “two puppeteers” operated it.

“We were going to shoot a rim job moment, but then ‘White Lotus’ beat us to the punch, so we cut that,” Eichner said.

Eichner added that the focus groups for the rom-com agreed with the humor onscreen.

“We had one young, straight, twenty-something guy in Chicago at a focus group,” Eichner recalled. “I asked him, ‘What’d you think of the sex scenes between me and Luke?’ They’re mostly played for physical comedy, and he said, ‘It kind of reminded me of ‘Jackass.’ It made me uncomfortable, but it was so hilarious. I didn’t care, it was just funny.’ I thought that was heartwarming and endearing….if it’s funny, they embrace it.”

“Bros” opened to strong reviews but a lackluster box office, drawing only $4.8 million opening weekend. Co-writer Eichner called out the lack of audiences showing up in theaters as “homophobic,” especially in “certain parts of the country.”

“Everyone who ISN’T a homophobic weirdo should go see BROS tonight! You will have a blast! And it is special and uniquely powerful to see this particular story on a big screen, esp for queer folks who don’t get this opportunity often. I love this movie so much. GO BROS!!!,” Eichner tweeted.

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