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For creative minds thinking about pushing their craft forward, sometimes the best thing to do is to end a project. Our team has decided it’s time to discontinue the IndieWire app. On February 5, 2021 the app will no longer be updated and it will be removed from the app store.

If you liked getting your Film and Television news through our app, we thank you for reading! We know how convenient it was to read IndieWire on the app, and have a list of ways below that you can still get our storytelling delivered straight to your mobile device.

Why end the app?

We’re always thinking about the best ways to get your film and television news to you. We’re focusing our team on improving our publishing tools and your mobile web experience with no download required.

I was using the IndieWire app. What do I do now?

Delete the existing app

When the app is removed on Feb. 5, it will still appear as an icon on your phone. New articles will not appear in the feed after this date. Delete the app following your phone manufacturer’s guide and switch to one (or all!) of the options below to continue getting your film and television news.

Stay connected with IndieWire email newsletters

Make sure you’re getting updates and our breaking news alerts straight to your inbox. Sign up for newsletters, or manage your active newsletter preferences here.

Subscribe to IndieWire web push notifications

If you liked receiving push notifications from our app, you can still receive push notifications by subscribing through our mobile website.

If you haven’t subscribed before, a message to subscribe to push notifications will appear after visiting the homepage twice. Tap the ‘Allow’ button and you will get push notifications similar to the ones you received from our mobile app.

An image of the homepage open in a mobile web browser. A notification at the bottom of the screen reads "We would like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates" with one button on the left that says "Cancel" and a button on the right that says "Allow"


Find IndieWire on your native mobile News app

You can find and add IndieWire to your Google News and Apple News reader apps following instructions in the articles below:

How-to add a news source on Google News

How to subscribe to a channel on Apple News

I have more questions!

For support and questions about the removal of the IndieWire App not answered above, email and a team member will be in touch within 3-5 business days. The email address will be active through Feb 28, 2021.

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