‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Says He’s Thinking About A Saul Goodman Spinoff

'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Says He's Thinking About A Saul Goodman Spinoff
'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Says He's Thinking About Saul Goodman Spinoff

The Dark Knight Rises” isn’t the only bit of popular entertainment out there that is causing those who have yet to see it — which is most of us — to keep their Facebook page closed, and Twitter feed turned off for fear of spoilers. “Breaking Bad” is back with the first eight of the final sixteen episode season airing this summer, with the show off and running this past weekend, and if you’re not caught up, you may want to avoid as much chatter about the series as possible. But once the show ends, is that it for Walter White and rest of the characters? Perhaps not. Bryan Cranston has already teased about the possibility of movie followup once the show is done, and it looks like another character might be getting their own vehicle.

IndieWire talked with the show’s creator and creative brainchild Vince Gilligan at Comic-Con over the weekend and he revealed that he’s been chatting with Bob Odenkirk about maybe getting him his own show. “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spinoff,” Gilligan said. “I can’t say that it is genuinely in the works at this moment, but certainly Bob Odenkirk and I have talked about it a little bit. I can’t promise that it will ever happen, but I think I personally, as fan number one of this world, meaning the first one to partake of these plot moments and whatnot, I personally would love to tune in and see a good Saul Goodman show.”

“I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law,” Gilligan continued. “He’ll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun — I would like that.”

Honestly? Yeah, we’d be down for that show too. While there have been a ton of shows on TV about lawyers, there haven’t really been any about someone who operates quite as sleazily as Saul. For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, on the surface he’s a personal injury lawyer in a cheap suit and bad hairpiece, but his bread and butter are the jobs he takes on concerning the more unsavory elements of society, and the various deeds he does in legally gray areas that keep him just barely on this side of being a criminal. He’s also funny as hell.

But before that can happen, Gilligan needs to wrap up “Breaking Bad” and he reveals that he and the writing team are still putting the touches on the scripts. “My writers and I are sitting down to break the final eight episodes now,” he said. “We have quite a bit figured out, but you would be surprised perhaps how little we do have figured out. Because you want to dot all of the i’s and cross all of the t’s and make sure you’re not forgetting anything major, but also because you want to stay as flexible as you can for as long as you can when coming up with these stories. You want to stay open to better ideas as they come down the pike.”

He adds: “To that end, I think things about the ending of ‘Breaking Bad’ are going to hew pretty close to ideas I had from day one. But I most certainly did not have the whole thing figured out from Day One. And there’s quite a bit left to figure out, so there’s a lot of invention left to us to come up with before it’s all done.”

With a good break between the production of the first half of season five and the last — which will air on AMC next year — we’re sure Gilligan is going to get this right and we can’t wait to see where Walt’s final journey takes him. “Breaking Bad” airs Sunday nights at 10 PM. But are you down for a Saul Goodman spinoff once it’s all done?

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