‘Game of Thrones’ Betting Odds May Help Determine Who Sits on the Iron Throne

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die...or you lose money.
Game of Thrones Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke
Game of Thrones Betting Odds May Reveal Who Sits on the Iron Throne
Game of Thrones Betting Odds May Reveal Who Sits on the Iron Throne
Game of Thrones Betting Odds May Reveal Who Sits on the Iron Throne
Game of Thrones Betting Odds May Reveal Who Sits on the Iron Throne
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To watch “Game of Thrones” is to try and predict what happens next on “Game of Thrones,” usually to no avail. And though we all have our theories — I remain convinced of mine — how many of us are willing to put our money where our mouth is?

The answer, it turns out, is quite a few. Variety took a look at the betting odds calculated by gambling sites like Bovada, which allow viewers to put money down on everything from who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne to whether or not Arya Stark will wear Littlefinger’s face this season.

Here are some of the predictions:

Who will rule Westeros?

Jon Snow: +225
Bran Stark: +275
Sansa Stark: +500
Daenerys Targaryen: +550
Gendry: +650
Petyr Baelish: +1,250
The Night King: +1,500
Tyrion Lannister: +1,500
Arya Stark: +2,000
Samwell Tarly: +2,000
Cersei Lannister: +2,500
Jon and Daenerys’ baby: +2,500
Jaime Lannister: +4,000
Varys: +7,000
Davos Seaworth: +7,000
Bronn: +10,000
Euron Greyjoy: +10,000
Brienne of Tarth: +10,000
Jaqen H’ghar: +10,000
Jorah Mormont: +10,000
Melisandre: +10,000
Daario Naharis: +12,500
Beric Dondarrion: +12,500
The Hound: +12,500
Gilly: +15,000
Theon Greyjoy: +15,000
Yara Greyjoy: +15,000
Tormund Giantsbane: +15,000
The Mountain: +15,000

One would imagine that Daenerys would at least place second on such a list, but alas. And though Bran and Sansa both seem unlikely monarchs at this late stage in the game, stranger things have happened.

Who will die first?

Euron Greyjoy: +200
Theon Greyjoy: +200
Cersei Lannister: +500
Jaime Lannister: +500
Yara Greyjoy: +1,000
Arya Stark: +1,500
Tyrion Lannister: +1,500
Daenerys Targaryen: +2,500
Jon Snow: +2,500
Sansa Stark: +2,500

Sorry, entire remaining Greyjoy family — all of you are in the top five here, which is a bad place to be.

Who will kill Cersei?

Jaime Lannister: +130
Arya Stark: +150
Does Not Die: +550
Tyrion Lannister: +550
Sansa Stark: +1,000
Daenerys Targaryen: +2,000
Jon Snow: +2,000
The Night King: +2,000
Euron Greyjoy: +2,500
Qyburn: +2,500
Ellaria Sand: +4,000
The Mountain: +4,000
Jorah Mormont: +6,600

That Cersei’s death doesn’t even appear to be a question at this point lines up with IndieWire’s prediction of her ultimate fate. There are some more out-there predictions too, of course:

How many living people will Arya kill this season?

Over 3.5: -115
Under 3.5: -115

Will Quaithe be shown again in the final season?

No: -400
Yes: +300

Then there’s the most important question of all:

Who will win Cleganebowl?

Game of Thrones Cleganebowl

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane: -480
Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane: +300
Both Die or Are Destroyed: +350

“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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