Indiewire’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 13+ Goodies for the TV Nerd in Your Life

Indiewire's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 13+ Goodies for the TV Nerd in Your Life
Indiewire's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 13+ Goodies the TV Nerd Your Life

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HBO NOW, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Subscriptions

Don’t make us choose between these top tier TV channels. Netflix is a must for everyone. Hulu now has a commercial-free option that makes you feel all-powerful. Amazon‘s amping up with “Transparent” Season 2 and an expected series from Woody Allen in 2016. And HBO NOW has “The Leftovers.” Get them all (and share).

“The Leftovers” Season 1 on Blu-ray

Guys, how many reasons must we give for you to watch “The Leftovers”? Okay, here’s one more: HBO’s best show also is one of the best-looking of its current stable, making it an essential addition to any physical media collection for anyone interested in beauty (inside and out).

“The Leftovers” T-Shirts

So while we’re at it — do you have a friend who’s hopelessly addicted to Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta’s excellent HBO adaptation? Don’t know what to get for a show so obviously not meant to move merchandise? These t-shirts are a good place to start, as they touch on both the dark humor and big issues related to the best show on TV.

The Art and Making of “Hannibal: The Television Series”

The perfect gift for fans still mourning the loss of Bryan Fuller’s visually extraordinary television adaptation will find much to devour in Jesse McLean’s 176-page deep dive into the making and mastery of this cult classic. Featuring highly stylized illustrations that would make the show itself proud, the book includes never-before-seen shooting scripts of the first and second seasons, exclusive cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes photography, production notes and storyboards, all connected by Hannibal’s sketches and music notations that fill ever crevasse with menace and turn a behind-the-scenes text into a thrilling page turner. The book is the perfect companion for longtime fans or fresh newbies about to embark on a killer binge. Click here to buy the book off Amazon.

Festivus Pole

The vast majority of holiday decorations are too sticky, glittery, sharp and pokey to be conveniently stored during the rest of the year. Got a fake Christmas tree? Good luck finding space for that. Your menorah? Can you even remember where it is? You can’t. Same goes for the Kwanzaa kinara. It’s there, somewhere, but who knows if you’ll wrest it free from a storage box in time to welcome the family over for festivities. The Festivus Pole is not just easy (and light!) to store, it also represents that bitter resentment that boils in everyone (fine, mostly everyone) during a holiday season that requires the storage and usage of fake plants and accessories expressly made for lighting on fire. Air your grievances around this baby, then chuck it in the attic.

“Jem”: The Complete DVD Box Set

It’s no secret that fans of the beloved ’80s cartoon “Jem and the Holograms” were not exactly tickled pink (glittery, shiny, spandex-y pink) by this year’s modernized “Jem” movie. Why not heal those wounds with a truly outrageous box set containing the complete series for their viewing pleasure? The two-DVD set includes every episode, every flash of hologram-creating magic earrings, every wild musical performance and every instance of a businesswoman/singer/charitable giver being in love with a dude named “Rio.” It’s worth both singing and dancing about.

Framed TV Floorplans

Ever wanted detailed plans for how to break into Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s apartment? Or needed a layout to find the best place to bug Carrie Bradshaw’s phone? Oh. You… just wanted artistically designed, minimalist blueprints for some of the most iconic TV living spaces? Well, that last option is available through Etsy user “tvfloorplans.” With selections featuring shows from seven decades, you can pick anything from TV’s Golden Age to a couple of houses from “The Golden Girls.” (They also have a few options from “Dexter,” but don’t get any ideas.)

The Taxman Journal from “True Detective”

After a rough follow-up year to the astonishing first season of “True Detective,” fans may need a reminder of better times. So why not use one of the oft-forgotten nicknames of everyone’s favorite Louisiana detective? The Taxman needs his journal, and even the truest of “True Detective” fans need this pick-me-up.

Saint Peggy Olson Prayer Candle

Hail Peggy, full of mixed emotions, Stan is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst television icons, and blessed is your friend, boss and mentor, Don Draper. Holy Peggy, mother of Burger Chef, we will pray before you now and forever, as one badass ad woman.

“Slaughterhouse 90210: The Book”

Have a friend or loved one whose love of television is matched only by their passion for great writing? Maris Kreizman’s “Slaughterhouse 90210,” based on the blog of the same name, is a beautifully designed book bringing together classic literature and awesome TV — beyond celebrating some of the best shows ever made, the combination of quotes and screenshots will make you totally rethink iconic scenes from “Mad Men,” “Game of Thrones” and more.

Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”

We’re heading into a tough period of time for TV fans — December might feature more new shows than in years past, thanks to streaming services taking advantage of the lull, but for true addicts there’s definitely a need for some methadone. Fortunately, there’s an answer — the games created by Telltale Games that make shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” into personal storytelling adventures. These aren’t cheesy knockoff tie-in video games — Telltale’s trademark is creating interactive experiences that work within the worlds of these shows, while existing as their own independent narratives. And they’re fun as hell.


Here’s an undiscovered gem your TV nerd friends will love you for finding for them. “TVTV” was a 1970s documentary series produced by some “braless, blue-jeaned video freaks” (c.f. Newsweek) — while technically a documentary, the series incorporated a comedic mindset into the format, leading to a groundbreaking and anarchic deep dive into some fascinating topics. Just the episode tracking the 1976 Academy Awards makes buying the whole series worth it — the team gets unbelievable access, including moments like Steven Spielberg finding out that he’s been snubbed for Best Director and Lily Tomlin shopping for her Oscar gown. And because it’s distributed by VHX, it’s super-easy for the lucky recipient to play anywhere. Buy it for your loved ones, and maybe save a copy for yourself.

“Alias”: The Complete Graphic Novel Series

The critical love for “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” has gone from an impressive upswell to a tidal wave; if you know one of the many, many people who fell hard for the series, maybe share with them the source material? The “Alias” omnibus collects the entire run of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’s comic book series, which introduced Jessica Jones to the world in 2001. Some things stay the same (like Jessica’s complicated relationship with Luke Cage). Some things are very different (like the fact that Kilgrave doesn’t show up until near the end of the series). But for those who loved the show, the comic will be equally addictive.

Kate Erbland, Steve Green, Liz Shannon Miller, Zack Sharf and Ben Travers contributed to this list.

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