‘Moon Knight’: 3 Elements That Make Marvel’s Latest Worth Watching

The new Marvel and Disney+ series boasts a wealth of intriguing ideas to excite fans.
Oscar Isaac
"Moon Knight"

The new Marvel and Disney+ series “Moon Knight” boasts a wealth of intriguing ideas that audiences should be excited about. The series follows shy museum worker Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) who can’t seem to figure out why he’s sleepwalking. Unbeknownst to him, Steven is actually the superhero known as Moon Knight, who does away with evildoers at the behest of an Egyptian bird god. (Yes, really.) The whole thing is all sorts of weird and bizarre but that’s part of the series’ charm, which is heavy on just letting Oscar Isaac be Oscar Isaac.

The series hews closer to the likes of the other Disney+ and Marvel series “WandaVision” then it does “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which should be a good thing for those seeking something a bit kookier from their superhero fare. But what else can fans expect from the premiere episode? IndieWire looks at three elements of the debut that should get audiences ready to sit down and enjoy the wildness that is “Moon Knight.”

1. Oscar Isaac and His Accent

From the moment the first trailer dropped for the series during Disney’s corporate “holiday,” Disney+ Day audiences immediately took note of Isaac’s British accent. The actor is no stranger to putting on a different voice, some good and some, well, less than. Watching the premiere the accent is certainly prominent considering Grant lives in London. But it grows on you after a bit, aided by how Isaac deftly handles the show’s comedy.

The “Ex Machina” star doesn’t often get the chance to do comedy, and after a recent turn on “Saturday Night Live” it was something we certainly want to see more of from him. Whether that’s realizing that he maybe asked a coworker out — an event he doesn’t remember — or coming to the “crushing” realization that his boss will never promote him to tour guide, Isaac starts to feel like every viewer who hasn’t felt seen lately, whether due to the pandemic or just general social awkwardness.

2. The Egyptian History

From the moment Isaac’s Steven Grant shows up to his job at The British Museum where an ongoing exhibit on Egypt is taking place, there’s a feeling of mystique. Steven is incredibly interested in the Egyptian gods, right down to correcting his boss on a promotional poster that boasts seven gods when there was actually nine.

Director Mohamed Diab and cinematographer Gregory Middleton do a flawless job of making the museum look beautiful and the exhibit itself look like a place you’d want to visit, but what sells it is Grant’s interest in it. As he tells a young girl about the way mummies are made, complete with the gory revelation that their brains were pulled out of their nose, there’s something macabre and fascinating about everything. It’s also obvious that all of this will come to play in some way as the series goes on.

Ethan Hawke
“Moon Knight”Disney+

3. Ethan Hawke’s…Whole Deal

It’s hard to say much about Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow because the audience knows so little about him in the premiere. The first scene involves his character breaking a glass, placing the shards in his shoes, and then proceeding to wear them. Every time he moves it’s impossible not to hear the glass that he’s embedding in the soles of his feet. It’s a fairly evocative way to introduce the central villain of this series and Hawke is game for anything.

The first major interaction between Harrow and Steven takes place in a small village, with Harrow judging his followers for any misdeeds they’ve made in their past, present, and future. Hawke doesn’t make this a showy performance; he’s not a particularly charismatic cult leader. But there’s an inner menace to him that is yearning to burst out. It’s easy to see why people might follow him, but also how others would be scared not to. Hawke and Isaac don’t share much time together, but no doubt as the series goes on their game of cat-and-mouse will intensify.

“Moon Knight” releases new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+.

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