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Disney+: 200 Must-Watch TV Shows & Movies Available on Launch

From the beloved "Star Wars" trilogies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Pixar's greatest achievements, here's the best of the content that's available today.

Disney Plus


After months of advertising and marketing — Seriously, have you seen an NFL game the past two weeks? Or driven by a bus stop in the greater Los Angeles area? Or a billboard? Or your aunt’s Facebook feed? — Disney+ launches today. It is doing so with the full weight of Disney’s brands, including some of its most beloved stories.

They represent Disney’s commitment to making its new streaming platform the “permanent home” for all of its iconic films and TV shows, going all the way back to the “Steamboat Willie” days. (There will be almost 650 titles available at launch. Yes, we counted.) From the beloved “Star Wars” trilogies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Pixar’s greatest achievements, the following represents only the must-watch content that will immediately be available to subscribers for $6.99 a month. (And if you’re opting for the ad-supported Hulu/ESPN+ option — it takes you to a cool $12.99.)

In the gallery below, we pared that down to the 200 must-watch Disney+ titles. Some are obvious, some are gems that have gotten dusty in the vaults, some feature current megastars when they were kid actors — and others are just too weird to miss.