Deep Dive” is a in-depth podcast and video essay series with the stars and creative team behind an exceptional piece of filmmaking. 

The stars and creative team behind Showtime’s limited series explain how they recreated decades of country music.

The cast and crew behind Prime Video’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” discuss the creative choices that went into making a series that is by and for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Craft Considerations
Watch actor Paddy Considine, production designer Jim Clay, and costume designer Jany Temime break down Season 1.
Craft Considerations
Watch how composer Dustin O’Halloran layers paranoia and heartbreak into an experimental score that is anything but standard tradecraft.
The Netflix series’ star Gabriel Basso and stunt coordinator Mike Mitchell told IndieWire about the combination of prep and spontaneity that made the fights so visceral.
Watch how the editing, cinematography, and sound intensify the real-life story of a suspected serial killer in the Apple TV+ limited series.
Watch star Keke Palmer discuss how she and filmmaker Jordan Peele figured out how to tell a sibling-bond story with sky-high stakes.
Watch Pulitzer Prize winner and Academy Award nominee Tony Kushner discuss translating his longtime collaborator’s life into a screenplay.
Watch how cinematography, production design, and editing bring Elvis Presley and the culture that exalted him to life.
Watch how the writing, casting, and score deepened the complexities of and the questions surrounding one of the modern true crime genre’s defining cases.
Creator Olivier Assayas, actor Alicia Vikander, and composer Thurston Moore discuss how they created layers of story supporting the multi-layered TV adaptation.
Watch how sound, cinematography, production design, and editing come together to accurately and immersively dramatize a story that gripped that globe.
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