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Profiles of Partnership 2021-22
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Profiles of a Partnership

Winter 2021 – 2022

IndieWire’s Influencers is an ongoing digital magazine series introducing you to the innovators, creators, and filmmakers shaping how the best films and television series get made. In this winter edition, we turn our attention to the impact master artisans have through their work with their closest creative collaborators. “Profiles of a Partnership” will show you how the creative process, visual language, and aural worlds of your favorite directors has emerged from key partnerships with some of the best fellow artisans working today.

– We’ll take you inside how the musical background of editor Joe Walker has brought distinct rhythms and aural storytelling to Denis Villeneuve’s visual worlds.

– We’ll bring you into creative process of director Joe Wright, which begins with defining the space and his reliance on a two-decade partnership with production designer Sarah Greenwood and set dresser Katie Spencer.

– We’ll share the story of how Jennifer Hudson’s process for portraying Aretha Franklin was grounded in a deep dive exploration with a team of talented artisans.

– We’ll show you how Adam McKay is able to carve a razor’s edge tonal balance from his anything-goes improvisational approach to production by leaning on the editor, Hank Corwin, who cut some of Terrence Malick’s best films.

– And we’ll explore how the work of a master technician like Guillermo del Toro has been enriched through repeat collaborations with cinematographer Dan Laustsen.

This year, we’ve also used our in-depth interviews with filmmakers to create accompanying videos essays, so you can dig even deeper into the craft behind some of the year’s best films, like “Nightmare Alley,” “Dune,” “Cyrano,” “Respect,” and “Don’t Look Up.”

Welcome to Craft Influencers: Profiles of a Partnership.