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IndieWire Influencers: The Art of Nonfiction
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The Art of Nonfiction

Fall 2021

IndieWire’s Influencers is an ongoing digital magazine series introducing you to the innovators, creators, and filmmakers shaping how the best films and television series get made. In this fall edition, we turn our attention to the ever-expanding world of nonfiction. 

Streaming and digital production has meant that the amount of nonfiction, in all its forms, being created and consumed has grown exponentially. And as the demand for nonfiction filmmaking only intensifies, so does the fight for its soul as a young and expanding art form. With this edition of Influencers, we aim to not only spotlight the creators and advocates pushing nonfiction in a positive direction, but to also shine a light on how the best films and television series are being made today. 

We will introduce you to the sound designer who refuses to be limited by the nature of recording reality in his quest to unearth larger emotional truths, and the pioneering nature cinematographer who captured images never seen before. We look at the creators of the rare reality and prank comedy series with a truly empathic POV that finds, rather than exploits, the humanity of its participants. You will meet the producers and advocates fighting for the art of nonfiction, who not only lend vital support to our most innovative artists, but whose creative vision opens doors they didn’t know existed. And we’ll celebrate the brilliant comedic voices — on topics ranging from sports statistics to goat testicles — expanding the palette of nonfiction storytelling.

This is the art of nonfiction.

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