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IndieWire's TV Influencers 2020
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The Craft of TV

Spring 2020

When we talk about craft and television, the conversation is too often shaped by the perceived limitations — real or imagined — of the medium itself. It’s a writers’ medium; the schedule, the grind, the network! However, the history of Hollywood tells us that the most innovative filmmaking emerges from limitations, and this moment in television is no different.

IndieWire has spent the last few months conducting hundreds of interviews to identify the artisans who are shaping the best of TV. Over the past three weeks, with help from the biggest names behind and in front of the camera, we introduced you to 20 of them:

  • The costume designer so invaluable to the world-building of Ryan Murphy that he made her a producer.
  • The groundbreaking Steadicam operators who enabled Amy Sherman-Palladino to convert the rhythm of her dialogue into the choreography of dance.
  • The makeup artist who mined Instagram to reflect back the pain, beauty, and self-expression of a generation in “Euphoria.”

The best of TV at this moment comes from creators who take advantage of the need to stand out in a world of new platforms and 600 scripted shows by expanding the canvas of television. With this first edition of TV Influencers, IndieWire is celebrating the artisans behind those creators – the filmmakers, who, if you look closely, are actually out-in-front, clearing the path, and showing how bold use of craft is the highest form of expression.


James Hawkinson


Series creator Bryan Fuller explains how the course of “Hannibal” changed after he saw the cinematographer’s work on the pilot.

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Alicia Rodis

Intimacy Coordinator

Showrunner David Simon and actor Emily Meade say the groundbreaking intimacy coordinator improves storytelling by protecting performers.

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Lawrence Davis

Hair Stylist

Mahershala Ali, Dee Rees, and Barry Jenkins explain the vital role the “Watchmen” hairstylist plays in their visual storytelling.

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Carmen Cuba

Casting Director

From “Stranger Things” to “Devs,” showrunners rely on the casting director to bring authentic, inclusive ensembles to life.

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