Guns in Movies, Ben Affleck’s Favorite Heist Films, Leonardo DiCaprio Freaks Out and Other Links

Guns in Movies, Ben Affleck's Favorite Heist Films, Leonardo DiCaprio Freaks Out and Other Links

– Gun and movie lovers rejoice, at last it’s the Internet Movie Firearms Database. Now I know that the weapons seen in “Heathers” are the Colt Python, the Beretta 21 Bobcat and the Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver.

– Telling Daily Beast about his 11 Favorite Heist Movies, Ben Affleck justifies why “The Town” had to be so much in the shadow of Michael Mann’s “Heat”:

Heat is the seminal, modern heist/robbery movie. It was made in ‘95. Still, a movie hasn’t been made since that has a deeper feel of authenticity. It feels so real that bank robbers then copied Heat. And when I was interviewing people in prison they referenced Heat. And when I was interviewing the FBI, they referenced Heat. So, aside from feeling bummed out that I’d always be in the shadow of Heat, I can certainly tell you, for sure, with great authority, that Heat is the one movie that’s cited as the real thing by people who really do that stuff.

[via /Film]

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– Remember when you donated money to Haitian earthquake relief about a year ago? Where did your money go? Watch the documentary series “Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?” via DailyMotion. The first episode can be viewed above.

– Now, if you’ll excuse me, here is a montage of people saying “now, if you’ll excuse me” in movies, including “American Psycho” and “Batman Begins.”

[via Best Week Ever]

– Obviously most sequels are of lesser quality than the originals, but it’s still fun looking at an infograp detailing the extent of this fact. The only problem, I’d say, is that we need to stop considering Rotten Tomatoes scores for old films since a lot of old reviews are not tabulated and a lot of new reviews of old movies are a different breed. Anyway, the best sequel of all time would appear to be “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” while the worst would appear to be “The Bad News Bears Go to Japan.”

– Was the video game “Contra” a mash-up that should have been called “Alien vs. Predator vs. Rambo”? See this GIF for evidence.

– Not nearly as funny as Nic Cage, but Leonardo DiCaprio definitely has given us a lot of freaking out scenes:

[via BuzzFeed]

– Speaking of Nic Cage, though, here is a NSFW clip of him smoking, boozing and having sex while shooting some bad guys in “Drive Angry 3D.” Keep in mind that “3D” part while watching, by the way, and count how many things fly towards the camera.

[via Live for Films]

– On the eve of Sundance 2011, check out Cinematical’s list of the 5 Best and 5 Worst Sundance Purchases. The one of the latter lot that I wish had been bigger:

‘Son of Rambow’ (2007). After an intense bidding war, Paramount Vantage paid $8 million for this nostalgic and raucous English comedy about two mischievous young boys, and I was one of many people who thought they could make a fortune with it. Then, for reasons that remain mysterious, they waited a year and a half to release the film, then delivered it during the competitive summer months. It’s a shame, because this one deserved a lot more attention than it got. Sundance sale price: $8 million. Domestic box office: $1.8 million.


– The fairly overrated — at least if you saw “Triangle” first — “Timecrimes” is still being remade in Hollywood. Now Oscar-winner Steven Zaillian, known for past rehashes “Mission: Impossible” and “All the King’s Men” and the future rehash of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is working on the adaptation to English.


Oscilloscope will redistribute Mark Singer’s underground homeless documentary “Dark Days” this summer before new DVD and VOD releases. And I love Oscilloscope cofounder David Fenkel’s reasoning for putting out the 11-year-old film now:

It’s (about releasing) films that we love… whether it was made five years ago or 50 years ago, it doesn’t matter. We’d love to find more of them.

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