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Best ’90s Movies Worth Adding to Your Blu-ray Collection

Take a trip down memory lane with these '90s hits available on Blu-ray.



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The ’90s might just be the biggest and best decade when it comes to showcasing high school hierarchies om film. Rom-coms featuring rich and popular teens, football jocks, and the lonely outcast struggling to fit in come to mind, along with memorable fashions (plaids skirts, baggy pants, oversized suit jackets, midriff shirts, you get the idea).

The ’90s was also a time where filmmaking evolved. From genetically engineered extinct species suddenly roaming the earth, to choreographed fight scenes and explosions, and alien invasions threatening life as we know it, the ’90s brought a new level of cinematic genius as high quality graphics and new directorial styles emerged.

Below, find a roundup of ’90s films to add to your Blu-ray collection. Need more ’90s content? Check out our list of ’90s sitcoms that are currently streaming on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and more.



Clueless” is a quintessential ’90s film that tells the story of Beverly Hills teens navigating high school and the social dilemmas that come along with it, all told as a cunning twist on  Jane Austen’s “Emma.” The film centers on Cher (Alicia Silverstone), a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, rich, and popular teen at the top of her high school’s social pyramid. More of a ditzy, fashion-forward sweetheart than the typical rich mean girl, Cher, along with her best friend Dionne (Stacey Dash) decide to give a new student (played by Brittany Murphy) a makeover and include her in their friend group.

“Free Willy”

This 1993 family-friendly drama tells the story of a troubled foster kid named Jesse (played by Jason James Richter), who gets caught breaking into and vandalizing an aquatic theme park. In an attempt to right his wrongs, his foster parents arrange for him to work there to pay off his debts. While working at the park, Jesse meets a young orca named Willy who has also been taken from his family and forced into captivity. The two form an unlikely bond and Jesse begins working with a park trainer to create a routine of tricks. All is well until the theme park’s callous owner finds out and hatches a plan to profit from their bond.

“Jurassic Park”

Two paleontologists, a skilled mathematician, and a lawyer are invited to a beautiful private island to tour a one-of-a-kind theme park prior to its grand opening in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 sci-fi hit, “Jurassic Park.” Dr. John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is an extremely wealthy businessman who not only finds a way to genetically recreate living dinosaurs, but decides to feature them as the main attraction in his theme park. Chaos ensues after a terrible storm knocks out power on the island allowing the prehistoric beasts to roam freely. Want the five-collection box set from the popular franchise? Get it here.


Best friends Courtney (Rose McGowan), Julie (Rebecca Gayheart), and Marcie (Julie Benz) are high-school “it” girls who want to give their best friend Liz (Charlotte Ayanna) a birthday she’ll never forget. The trio decide to prank kidnap Liz and stuff a jawbreaker candy into her mouth to keep her quiet during the faux abduction. Things take a tragic turn when the girls realize Liz has choked on the jawbreaker and died. The girls try to cover up the prank-turned-murder, but little do they know the school nerd Fern Mayo (Judy Greer) witnessed the cover-up. In an attempt to keep it a secret, they entice Fern with a makeover and offer her a spot in their clique. Fern soon becomes the “Queen Bee” and puts their secret and freedom in jeopardy.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet deliver stellar performances as lovers on the doomed luxury liner. DiCaprio plays the role of Jack Dawson, a poor young artist who wins a ticket on the Titanic just before departure. Winslet plays Rose Dewitt Bukater, a young woman who feels trapped in her high-society life. The two meet while on the ship and form a forbidden whirlwind romance just before the “unsinkable ship” carries over 1,500 people to their death in the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic in the early hours of April 15, 1912.

“Boyz n the Hood”

This 1991 classic directed by the late John Singleton illustrates some of the consequences of life in South Central Los Angeles. Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.) gets sent to South Central to live with his father who instills in him values such as morals and respect. Tre’s friends, Ricky (Morris Chesnut) and Doughboy (Ice Cube), lack the same support system at home and become casualties of gang violence.


You might want to grab a tissue for this one. “Stepmom” deals with two siblings who find out that their parents are getting a divorce and their father is marrying a younger woman. Shock set in yet again when they soon learn that their mother, played by Susan Sarandon, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Julia Roberts takes on the role as the stepmother, who desperately wants to make her new blended family work. This double feature Blu-ray includes the 1999 film, “The Deep End of the Ocean,” staring Michelle Pfeiffer and Whoopi Goldberg.

“Independence Day”

Will Smith is the Marine pilot protagonist, Captain Steven Hiller, in this 1996 film that raked in $817.4 million at the box office. The blockbuster kicks off when an alien signal is intercepted at an intelligence institute in New Mexico, and almost without warning, spaceships begin appearing in major cities across the world. Top military and government officials must now scramble to figure out the best plan of action to keep the world safe.

“Forrest Gump”

Tom Hanks stars as a kind-hearted Alabama native with a below-average IQ who sees the world through rose-colored glasses in “Forrest Gump.” Although bullied for his disabilities, Gump goes on to become a college football star before joining the Vietnam War where he is awarded the Medal of Honor, and laces himself through some of America’s greatest historical moments.

“Rush Hour Trilogy”

The kidnapping of a Chinese diplomat’s daughter prompts two clashing law enforcement officers to become partners in “Rush Hour.” Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and wisecracking LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) must come together to solve the crime. This Blu-ray set comes as a trilogy that includes “Rush Hour 2,” “Rush Hour 3,” and an interview with Chan and Brett Ratner.

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