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The 10 Best Drinking Games for Movie Lovers, Oenophiles, and More

Turn your game night up a notch.

Best Drinking Games to Buy

Drink to Forget 2020

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Ready for game night? Even during the pandemic your day-to-day schedule can get hectic. Whether you’re stationed at home or commuting to work, clocking long hours on the job can have you craving the weekend, and game night is the kind of activity that never really lets you down. Since we’re not out of the pandemic, our social circles may look a little smaller this year but as we inch towards safely gathering with friends and family on a semi-regular basis, there are fun ways to bring us closer together after spending so much time apart. And let’s face it, laughing the night away with the people you enjoy the most (or people that you may not know very well) can give you that extra shot of endorphins.

Whatever your predicament, drinking games are a good novelty item to have on deck if you need an ice breaker at your next gathering, or a game to bring on vacation (most of these games will fit snuggly in your carry-on luggage). You can also give drinking games away as housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, and gifts for other occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or bachelor and bachelorette parties. With spring officially here, and Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, there’s a chance that you’ll be hanging out with friends or meeting up with family, and it doesn’t hurt to bring a game along. If you’re mostly staying home these days, each of the games listed can be played with at least two players (you can also play some of these games virtually).

Game night is a quick way to get your friends to put their phones down (or pick them up, depending on the game rules) and fully engage. Many of the products below come with fast and free shipping, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. You can sign up for a membership for $12.99 a month, which includes free two-day shipping options, access to movies and TV shows on Prime Video, and more.

You can technically turn just about anything into a drinking game, but it’s much easier to just pick up one of the items on the list. Throwing back a few drinks adds to the fun of the games on our roster, but you can definitely play them with a non-alcoholic beverage (just in case someone in your group doesn’t drink).

Just remember to drink responsibly, you must be over 21 to play, and try to get started earlier in the night to give yourself ample time to get through the game. Below, find 10 of the best drinking games for movie lovers, wine connoisseurs, trivia experts, and more.

These Cards Will Get Your Drunk

The name says it all. A fun and super easy to learn drinking game featuring over 100 cards. Designed for between two and eight players, the point of the game is really just to have a good time, and the instructions couldn’t be easier. Each player pulls a card with instructions that they must carry out successfully, or they have to drink. The card instructions range from telling a joke to make other players laugh (you have to drink if the joke bombs) to letting another player ask you anything and you have to answer truthfully. If you refuse, you have to take a drink. There’s also a card that you can use once to force another player to take a drink with you.

So Totally Sober

It’ll be hard to stay sober playing this card game. The object is to draw cards from the deck, and do whatever the card says. Each card is broken up into five color categories: activity (orange) cards, skill (green) cards to show your special abilities, curse (blue) cards will make you suffer, secret (yellow) cards are hidden tricks for you to perform, and decree (red) cards, which involves everyone playing the game.

Movie Quotes Drinking Game

The Movie Quotes Drinking Game features 54 movie cards with three quotes on each card. The purpose of the game is to earn the most points and by default, drink the least amount of alcohol. To start, one person rolls the dice to see which of the three quotes they will have to recite and whoever answers the questions correctly, earns a point. Whoever answers wrong has to drink. No matter who wins the game, there will be enough drinks floating around to make this game well worth the $12.99 price tag. You can play this movie trivia drinking game with at least two people.

Wine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks

Calling all oenophiles! From growing grapes, making wine and global production, to wine sellers, business, art science and trivia, Wine Wars will test your knowledge on all things vino. The game includes more than 700 questions (and they’re not easy) spread across 150 cards and split into different categories. This isn’t the kind of game that you’ll finish in one sitting but it’s a good mix of educational and entertaining and you’re likely to learn something new every time you play.

Drunk Confidence

For the overly-confident, the not-so-confident, and anyone in between, this hilarious drinking game works as an icebreaker that’s easy to play, and endlessly entertaining. Find out just how talented your friends are and test their willingness to take on a challenge with this fun drinking game, featuring 250 cards that cover a mix of challenges ranging from history trivia and pop culture, to singing and dancing. The game can be played different ways, but basically, you pull a card and complete the challenge on the card while the group decides (through majority vote) if you did so successfully. If you fail, take a drink. If you succeed, the player who didn’t think you pulled it off has to take a drink, and take the next turn. Another way to play, is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. Each player receives seven cards from the deck, but you can discard two of the cards that you don’t want to try, and pass another card to the right for another player to attempt. Other players can also challenge the challenger, which would require them to attempt one of the tasks on the card. You don’t need a huge group to play (at least two people) but the more the merrier! Alcohol isn’t required to play, though it certainly helps (they don’t call it ‘Drunk Confidence’ for nothin’!). 

Liquid Courage

The object of this game is to follow the rules of the cards, but you may need some liquid courage to get through this game without being too embarrassed. Each player pulls a card from one of four piles and goes on from there. First, pick a contact card and text them whatever the card says — which will either be a “Truth” text, or a “Random” text. If you don’t want to carry out the challenge, pull a “Dare” card and carry out the task. If you don’t want to do the dare, you have the option to take a “shot of shame,” but you won’t get to collect a point. The first player to collect nine cards (from each of the three categories) wins the game. The box includes a free 90 card expansion pack for a total of 292 cards.

Drink-A-Palooza Board Game

Designed for as little as two people and as many as a dozen players, Drink-A-Palooza is an entertaining board game for beer drinkers — but it can honestly be played with any kind of drink (alcoholic or otherwise). Drink-A-Palooza is a convertible board game as it combines multiple beer pong, flip cup, quarter’s and king’s cup all in one. You can use this as a pre-gaming activity or a hilarious party game.

Drink to Forget 2020 

 There’s no denying that it was a year unlike any other, but it doesn’t hurt to inject a little humor into the narrative. “Drink to Forget 2020” won’t wipe your memory clean of everything that happened last year but it makes some of those memories more enjoyable. The game collects some of the fun and cringey quarantine memories from the last year, mixed in with corny jokes and other icebreaker topics, and packs them into a trivia game that’s super easy to play. The game comes with 110 cards from eight categories which include charade cards, vote cards, drink cards, and action cards. Because we’ll be looking back on 2020 for years to come, this drinking game makes a great activity for in-person parties and virtual gatherings. 

DrinkQuizition Trivia Card Game

DinkQuization makes trivia games a bit more challenging with the addition of alcohol. As is the case with many of the other games featured, you’re not required to drink alcohol to play along. The object of the game is to answer the questions right so that you won’t have to take a drink. The questions are broken up into “common knowledge” and trivia questions for players to choose from. The categories include pop culture, history, entertainment, and other topics. If you answer the question correctly, you get to keep the card. If you’re wrong, you have to take a drink and another player has a chance to steal the question by stating the correct answer. There’s also a “Bonus Question” option to potentially save yourself but if you get that question wrong, you’ll have to  drink twice.

Tipsy Chicken Drinking Party Game

Unleash your inner party animal. Tipsy Chicken is the kind of drinking game filled with hilarious and crazy dares (such as letting the player to your left go through your phone for 30 seconds and showing it to everyone in the room). Each player will have to decide if they want to complete the dare on the card that they pull and tally up the points. Based on what the cards say, this game will test if you’re more of a chicken, or truly the G.OA.T. (greatest of all time).

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