Neil Druckmann
Series co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann dive into what could never be changed and what their Season 2 working process looks like right now.
HBO's hit series continues to be judged against the heralded video game it's based on, but that approach often misses the point of adaptations.
It's another episode of saying hello and farewell, this time showing Ellie and the audience how to move through this world.
Along with some 360-degree camerawork and some well-timed laughter, a whole Alberta town came together to make societal collapse feel true to the show's version of 2003.
"I don’t have any interest in a spinning-plates-go-on-forever show. When it becomes a perpetual motion machine," showrunner Craig Mazin added, "it just can’t help but get kind of...stupid."
"When we do reveal the infected and the Clickers, you get to see what brought down humanity and why everyone is so scared," game creator Neil Druckmann said.
After years of total secrecy, Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross sit down for the first extensive spoiler-filled interview about the most ambitious story in modern video game history.
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