The Cloverfield Paradox
Is Netflix adding more movies and TV shows faster than any single human could watch them all? We ran the numbers to see how long it would actually take.
The studio sold the divisive third "Cloverfield" entry to Netflix in a deal estimated between $40-50 million.
Fans of the sci-fi series were surprised by Netflix's seemingly sudden release of the film, but even its own stars were in the dark.
Nielsen also reported its early numbers for "Altered Carbon."
Modern sci-fi stories put women in bold and essential roles, before stripping them down to outdated paradigms that belong in another universe.
Someone really should make a movie with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the lead roles.
How a busted theatrical became the biggest innovation since the tentpole movie, and struck fear in the hearts of theater owners and network broadcasters alike.
From monster mayhem to A-list voice cameos, there are plenty of interesting clues in this Netflix blockbuster.
The most shocking thing about J.J. Abrams' surprise new "Cloverfield" movie is how bad it is.
The first trailer for the latest "Cloverfield" installment packs on the mysteries, as if you didn't already expect that.
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